Children of Grandparents George and Sana (Shedden) Gillett

Atholl, Adrien, and Ira Gillett
Atholl, Adrien, Ira Gillett            Atholl, Adrien, Ira Gillett


Ira Elijah Gillett    
Born:   July 24, 1910, in Fort Dodge, Iowa
Died:   December 15, 1989, in Kansas City, Kansas, at age 79
Married:   Atha Arthela Morlan - Atha was born October 4, 1914, in Montana, the daughter of
      George E and Lyda M Morlan - she died July 20, 1994, in Kansas City, Kansas, at age 79
Children: 4

Ira was the first child of George and Sana Gillett. His father was 24 years old and his mother was age 23 when he was born.

Ira Elijah Gillett His younger years were spent traveling the mid-west until they settled in Kansas City when he was about 9 years old.

Ira went to Webster Grade School and Manual Training High School in Kansas City, Missouri. He was an excellent student but had to drop out after his junior year (1927) to obtain a job to help support the family.

As a youth he excelled in track and baseball and even played semi-pro baseball as a catcher until he broke his nose.

Ira Gillett's Baseball Team       Ira Gillett

He first job was as a messenger making $.10/hour; shortly thereafter he was making $50.00 a month for the Kansas City Southern Railway Company. He was 17 years old at the time.

Ira married Atha Arthela Morlan on March 11, 1933, in Olathe, Kansas. When they were married Ira was making $100.00 a month which was considered quite good considering the economic condition of the country.

Ira Gillett was my father


Adrien Laverne Gillett    

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Adrien & Helen Gillett    
Born:   June 27, 1912, in Stansberry, Missouri
Died:   February 12, 2008, in Rio Linda, California, at age 95
Married:   Helen Leone Winkler on August 1, 1938, - she was born May 15, 1913, in Pomona,
      Kansas, the daughter of Maurice and Florence Winkler - she died July 11, 1978, in
     Santa Clara, California, at age 65
Children: 3

Adrien was the second child and son of George E. and Sana E. (Shedden) Gillett. When he was born his father was 26 years old and his mother was age 25.

Adrien Gillett            Adrien Gillett
Adrien attended Webster Grade School in Kansas City, Missouri, and then Lathrop Trade School for one year before transferring to Manual Training High School for three years, graduating in June of 1931. He attended Kansas City Junior College in 1932, taking business courses. In the next several years he took courses from LaSalle Correspondence and Technical Schools and received his training in drafting.

During this time Adrien worked at the Progressive Brass Manufacturing Company. He was there for 8-1/2 years, during which time he was active in the labor union -- as shop steward, auditing committee, executive board member, vice-president and president.

Helen Gillett Adrien married Helen Leone Winkler on August 1, 1938, at the minister's home in the Mount Washington section between Kansas City and Independence, Missouri. At the time of their marriage Adrien was 26 years old and Helen was 25 years old.

Helen began her nursing career as a nurse's attendant after moving to Kansas City shortly after graduating from Pomona High School in 1932. She became a practical nurse in 1946 in Yakima, Washington, and a licensed practical nurse in 1950.

Their first child, Norman Robert, was born on September 3, 1938, while they were living with Adrien's brother, Ira, at 3011 Oakland in Kansas City, Kansas.

Because of his drafting training, Adrien was able to accept a job with Boeing Aircraft in Seattle, Washington. While living in Seattle their other two sons were born -- Roland Lee on December 14, 1942, and Gary Lynn on May 9, 1945. Adrien Gillett

They moved to Yakima, Washington, where Adrien worked for the John Deere Yakima Works. Later they moved to the Bay area of California where Adrien worked for Bechtal Corporation at San Francisco and for several years at Aerojet General Corporation at Sacramento, California. He also worked for Lockheed Aircraft at Sunnyvale and a number of contract shops in the Bay area between San Jose and San Francisco.

Helen continued her nursing career, working in a number of hospitals and nursing homes plus private-duty nursing, until her death on July 11, 1978. At age 65 she died of cancer at the Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara, California. She was cremated at Cedar Lawn Memorial Park, Fremont, California, with her ashes scattered at sea. At the time the family was living in Sunnyvale, California.

Adrien retired in 1979, at the age of 67, and moved back to the Sacramento area to live near his youngest son, Gary, in Rio Linda, California. He died there on February 12, 2008, at age 95.


Atholl Adair Gillett    

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Atholl and Sarah Goforth (Toots) Gillett    
Born:   August 9, 1914, in Council Bluffs, Iowa
Died:   February 24, 1994, in Paola, Kansas
Married (1):   Sarah Jane (Toots) Goforth on August 19, 1934, - she was born
      October 4, 1916, in Kansas City, Missouri, the daughter of Robert and Louise Goforth
Children: 2
Married (2):  Beulah (? - about 1947) Atholl Gillett            Atholl Gillett

Atholl Adair Gillett was the youngest son of George Erron and Sana Elmira (Shedden) Gillett. Like his brothers, Atholl attended Webster Grade School in Kansas City, Missouri; after which he attended Manual Training High School where he graduated in 1932.

His graduation picture from Manual appeared in the Kansas City Star on the same page as that of Ira's wife-to-be, Atha Morlan, who graduated from Cental High School.

While at Manual Atholl was active in R.O.T.C. and reached the rank of Captain. Also while going to Manual, he worked long hours and many years at a grocery store on the corner of 16th and Central.

Atholl met Sarah Jane (Toots) Goforth while going to Manual. At the time they married, at a church at 28th and Wabash, Atholl had just turned 20 years old; Toots was 17 years old.

Atholl worked at several cleaning shops in the Kansas City area, acquiring one at 1200 Linwood Blvd. which he operated for several years.

Atholl and Toots were the parents of two children, both born in Kansas City, Missouri:
           William Donald Gillett born September 20, 1935
           Barbara Laverne Gillett born November 7, 1938

Atholl Gillett Atholl was the only Gillett brother that served in World War II. He served in the United States Army spending most of his enlistment in the Philippines and the New Guinea jungles. He attained the rank of Sergeant. He was released in August of 1944.

After the war Atholl continued working in the dry cleaning business, acquiring a shop at 43rd and State Line. He later worked as a cleaner for Esquire Cleaners.

Atholl and Toots were divorced about 1945. About 1947 Atholl married Beulah (?) --they were divorced after a few years.

About 1970 Atholl retired from the cleaning business and moved to Olathe, Kansas, where he was a custodian for the Shawnee Mission school district for 10 years, retiring in 1980. He was 66 years old at the time of his retirement. In 1987 he moved to Paola, Kansas, to live with his son, William Donald Gillett.

Atholl died at home on Thursday, February 24, 1994. Graveside services were in Osawatomie, Kansas, at the Osawatomie Cemetery on Sunday, February 27, 1994. He lived 79 years and 189 days -- 45 days longer than his oldest brother, Ira.

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