Children of Great-Great-Grandparents   
Elijah and Delilah (Haynes) Waltrip

Elijah and Delilah (Haynes) Waltrip were the parents of eleven children, all born in Barry County, Missouri:

Born: August 26, 1853
Married: Benson Owen Gillett on November 9, 1871 in Barry County, Missouri - B.O. was born
      June 1850 in Lawrence County, Ohio, the son of Joel G. and Nancy Ann (Radford) Gillett
Died: March 1, 1902, in McDonald County, Missouri, at age 49
Children: nine
Susan Elizabeth Waltrip Gillett was Bill Gillett's Great-Grandmother
(Father's Father's Parents)
Born: September 27, 1855
Married: Thomas H. Robertson on June 4, 1872, in Barry County, Missouri - some records spell
       his name as "Robberson"
Died: July 11, 1885, in Barry County, Missouri, at the age of 29 - buried in the Waltrip Cemetery
       (now the Eugene Gates Cemetery)
Born: October 18, 1857
Married: Madison Byron Douglass on March 29, 1877 - Madison was born February 1849 probably
       in Calhoun, Georgia, the son of Madison Martin and Sarah (Bonham) Douglass
Died: December 10, 1893, in Barry County, Missouri, at age 36 - she was buried in the Maddy
       Cemetery west of Purdy, Barry County, Missouri
Children: four - all born in Barry County, Missouri
  • Mary N. Douglass
             Born: in 1878
             Died: in 1890 in Barry County, Missouri, about 12 years old - she was buried in the Maddy
                    Cemetery west of Purdy, Missouri
  • Britain Templeton Douglass
             Born: August 1882
             Married: Nora Shain - she was born in 1884, the daughter of Felix Shain, a rancher and
                    horseman in the state of Washington - Britain had moved to Washington with other relatives,
                    attended school there and became an excellent athlete - Britain and Nora lived in Okanogan
                    County, Washington
             Died: in 1942 about 60 years old - Nora died in 1975 about 91 years old
             Children: four - (three not named)
                      ~ Kenneth G. Douglass - born 1908
  • Moody B. Douglass
             Born: in 1884
             Died: in 1890 in Barry County, Missouri, only 6 years old - buried in the Maddy Cemetery there
  • Orel Homer Douglass
             Born: December 21, 1891
             Married: Mary Magdalena Lonsinger - she was born February 10, 1901, the daughter of Louis
                    and Anna Jane (Sowers) Lonsinger - Orel attended Swindle College and Homer Institute in
                    Fairview and became an employee of the Santa Fe Railroad
             Died: in 1979 in Collinsville, Oklahoma, about 88 years old - Mary died June 9, 1990, at age 89
             Children: two - (not named)

    After Mary (Waltrip) Douglass died, her widowed husband, Madison, then married Mary Alice Stinnett on June 14, 1901 - she was born about 1866 - they were the parents of one son:
  • Hubert Fred Douglass
             Born: March 13, 1902 - grew up in Wheaton, graduated from high school there, obtained two
                    college degrees and became a teacher
             (1) Neconis Carson - she was born in 1909, the daughter of H.W. Carson of Fairview,
                    Missouri - Hubert and Neconis were the parents of two children, Robert Douglass and
                    Connie Sue Douglass - Neconis (Carson) Douglass died in 1964 about 55 years old
             (2) Opal Leonard - Opal was born May 12, 1909 -- she died February 6, 1993, in Shawnee
                    Mission, Kansas, at age 83
             Died: (date/place unknown)
    Madison Douglass died in 1938 about 90 years old - he was buried in the Maddy Cemetery next to
    his first wife, Mary Adaline (Waltrip) Douglass
    Born: April 8, 1860
    Married: M.L. Campbell on January 30, 1879, in Barry County, Missouri
    Died: November 10, 1895, at age 35
    Elijah V.
    Born: February 12, 1863
    Married: Nancy M. Holland on September 29, 1880, in Barry County, Missouri - Nancy was born
           February 1862 in Campbell, Dunklin County, Missouri, the daughter of John and Ann Holland of
    Died: January 5, 1921, at age 57
    Children: 7 - all probably born in Campbell, Dunklin County, Missouri
  • Sherman C. Waltrip
             Born: in July of 1881
             Married: Dora (?) about 1908 - Dora was born about 1891 in Missouri - in 1910 they were living in
                    Kingman County, Kansas
             Died: (date/place unknown)
             Children: at least one daughter:
                      ~ Opal Waltrip - born 1908 in Kansas
  • Henry Manford Waltrip
             Born: in September 1883
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Susan L. Waltrip
             Born: in December 1882
             Married: Loren Prevo on September 10, 1905 - he was born about 1883
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • James Raymond Waltrip
             Born: in October 1889
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Della M. "Stella" Waltrip
             Born: in April 1891
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • William M. Waltrip
             Born: in March 1895
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Ralph Waltrip
             Born: 1908
             Died: (date/place unknown)
    Born: July 5, 1865
    Married: Henry Grant Brown on October 23, 1884, in Barry County, Missouri - Henry was born
           November 1864, the son of Wilborn and Gemimah (Corsone) Brown
    Died: (date/place unknown)
    Children: 2 daughters
  • Maude J. Brown
             Born: November 1885
             Married: Clarence Prevo
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Mamie E. Brown
             Born: November 1889
             Died: (date/place unknown)
    Born: April 20, 1868
    Married: Mallory E. Johnson on March 19, 1890 - Mallory was born about 1871 in Missouri - after the
             death of Samantha's father, her mother, Delilah (Haynes) Waltrip, lived with them
             in Wheaton, Missouri
    Died: (date/place unknown)
    Born: January 15, 1870
    Married: Edward S. Wilks on March 15, 1891 - Edward was born September 1866 in Missouri
           (probably Lawrence County), the son of William R. and Mary S. Wilke - in 1900 and 1910
           Maggie and Edwards were living in Benton County, Arkansas
    Died: April 19, 1967, at age 97 in Santa Rosa, California
    Children: 3
  • Velma Wilks
             Born: June 1892
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Lucile Wilks
             Born: September 1896
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • M.S. Wilks
             Born: about 1902
             Died: (date/place unknown)
    Born: August 8, 1872
    Married: Georgia E. Phillips on October 13, 1889 - Georgia was born December 1872 in Missouri
    Died: (date/place unknown)
    Children: 6 - with only the following 3 daughters living in 1900:
  • Lora H. Waltrip
             Born: August 1890
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Bessie A. Waltrip
             Born: April 1892
             Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Verna L. Waltrip
             Born: May 1894
             Died: (date/place unknown)
    John R.
    Born: May 6, 1874
    Married: Rebecca Ann Prater on December 22, 1892 - Rebecca was born about 1875
    Died: (date/place unknown)
    Born: November 23, 1876
    (1) John A. Campbell on August 22, 1895 - John was born May 8, 1871, the son of G.W. Campbell -
           John died December 2, 1896 (the same year his daughter was born) - he was only 25 years old -
           he was buried in the Maddy Cemetery in Barry County, Missouri
        Children: 1 daughter
  • Gladdis Campbell - born in 1896 in Missouri

  • (2) Joseph C. Bowman before 1900 - Joseph was born August 1874 in Missouri - the 1900 census listed
           his name as "Brewman"
        Children: at least 3
  • Clifford E. Bowman - born about 1901 in Missouri
  • Orval E. Bowman - born about 1904 in Missouri
  • Wayne Bowman - born about 1909 in Lawrence County, Missouri

  • Died: (date/place unknown)

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