A Visit from
Captain Kidd

Thomas Welch
(8th generation - G802)

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THOMAS WELCH was baptized January 28, 1658/59, in Connecticut, the son of Thomas and Hannah (Buckingham) Welch.

About 1691 Thomas married Elizabeth Peck probably in Milford, Connecticut, the daughter of Paul and Elizabeth (Baisey) Peck. They were the parents of five children; three sons and two daughters.

In 1700 the town of Milford had a population of about 800 and in the next 50 years (1756) it doubled to over 1,600.

History books regarding Milford told of the story of when Captain Kidd, the pirate, cruised up Long Island Sound in 1699. According to legend, he put in at Milford at about seven o'clock one evening, strode up the street, and boldly kissed a young lady.

Below is a letter found in the garret of one the oldest houses which records this unexpected visit.

"Aunt Prudence has told you of the visit from Capt. Kidd, from the craft which was seen to come in the harbor at 7 of the clock in the evening. He stayed in the house till in the early morning and sat all the night by the fire with Jacobeth and THOMAS WELCH carrying himself in an uncivil and bold manner. I told Aunt Prudence that he will come to trouble in the sinful way, which he has done, for Zachariah Whitman has told us all about him.

I asked Jacobeth the next day if that Robert Kidd was to come to the town of Milford any more for no one will have him in this plantation. I want to tell you, cousin Thankful, what he did: when he came in the room he put his arms around my waist, and kissed me, which made Jacobeth laugh and THOMAS WELCH cough. Jacobeth says that Capt. Bob is not so bad as the folks say, and that he was a little wild. But Aunt Prudence will not hear any good word spoken of him whatsoever, and has told THOMAS WELCH what she heard about him. I overheard Jacobeth say that Kidd was going on a long cruise, and that he had left some things with him. I am going to tell Aunt Prudence all about it, and find out what they are.

Your Cousin, Patience Tuttle"

Thomas Welch died about 1703 probably in Milford, Connecticut. He was about 93 years old at the time.