Name Change

George Erron Gillett
(2nd generation - G201)

It appears that my grandfather, GEORGE ERRON GILLETT, was initially known as Ira E. Gillett, but sometime between 1908 and 1910 became George Erron Gillett.

The major question if the facts are correct -

Why did he change his name and then name his first born child that name - Ira E. Gillett?
  • Birth certificate - Did not list a name - only indicated that he was the eighth child of Benson Owen and Susan Elizabeth (Waltrip) Gillett - born September 8, 1885
  • 1900 census - The census records for 1900 for Seneca Nation, Oklahoma, just west of Tiff City, Missouri, indicated that the then 14-year-old Ira was living with his parents, Benson and Susan Gillett, and three brothers, Charles (23), Clarence (16) and Clyde (5), farming.
  • Marriage License - Dated January 30, 1908, gave the name as Ira E. Gillett joined in marriage with Sana E. Shedden - they were married February 5, 1908
  • All the Sheddens knew him as Ira E. Gillett and his son as Ira E. Gillett, Jr. - this shows up in all the records of Clair V. Mann at the University of Missouri at Rolla, Missouri.
  • Birth certificate for his son, Ira Gillett - lists the father's name as George E. Gillett - July 24, 1910.
  • It appears that his brothers and sisters might have known him as Ira E. Gillett or Ike Gillett - When his brother, Elmer Owen Gillette, died in 1935 in Monett, Missouri, The Monett Times newspaper listed in the death notice that Elmer was survived by two brothers, Charles Gillett of Downs, Kansas and Ike Gillett of Kansas City and two sisters. All attended the funeral. This was probably the only time that the brothers and sisters were together since their younger days. This was the only obituary his name appeared in. Was this a misspelling or another nickname?
  • His draft card issued November 6, 1918, in Des Moines, Iowa - listed him as George E. Gillett

Neither George nor Ira Gillett could be found in the 1910 census for Iowa (when he would have been 25 years old) - that was the year that Ira Gillett, Jr. was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa. They also could not be found in the 1920 census soundex system for Missouri. It was reported that they were living in Kansas City, Missouri, by 1919.

According to the 1910 census, there was a George Gillett living in Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa, at the time but he was born in Mexico about 1883 with a wife, Rose, born in Missouri about 1885. They had two sons. What are the odds of having two George Gillett's living in a small town like Fort Dodge at the same time, especially being about the same age?