Great-Grandparents    (Mother's Grandparents)

Freeman and Sarah Pratt (McClane) Kelly

Sarah Pratt (McClane) Kelly

Born: February 23, 1856, in Gallatin, Tennessee,
   the daughter of William and Sarah P. (Hubbard)

Died: September 23, 1912, in Fort Madison, Iowa,
   at age 56

Freeman Kelly

Born: About 1846 in Akron, Ohio, the son of
   Lorenzo and Elisa Ann (Rutter) Kelly

Died: February 15, 1924, in Kansas City,
   Missouri, at age 78   -   buried next to his
   wife in Fort Madison, Iowa

Married: October 24, 1876, in Keokuk, Iowa
Occupation: Teamster, contractor and general laborer

At the time of the marriage of Freeman Kelly Freeman Kelly and Sarah McClane on October 24, 1876, Freeman was about 30 years old while Sarah was 20 years old. He was listed as a clerk and living at 15th and Pelean in Keokuk, Iowa. Signing as a witness to the wedding was F.W. McClane. (This must have been her father, William McClane.) The wedding took place at the Boody residence in Keokuk.

The Freeman Kellys continued to live at the corner of 15th and Palean and Freeman worked in Keokuk as a teamster and laborer until about 1879 when they moved to Centerville, Iowa, where their first child, Charles William, was born. Centerville, Iowa, is located in Appanoose County in the south central part of the state, about 15 miles north of the Missouri border and about 30 miles southwest of Ottumwa, Iowa. Centerville, Iowa, is also where some of the McClanes relocated around 1890.

The 1880 census for Iowa listed them as living on Franklin Street and working as a teamster in town. The census record indicated he was born in Iowa in 1851 but all other data on Freeman indicated he was born in Ohio before 1850.

The 1880 census was the only record in Iowa on Sarah (McClane) Kelly that gave the place of her birth as Tennessee; all other records said Mississippi.

About 1884 they returned to Keokuk, Iowa, where they were listed as living at 1516-1/2 Carroll and working as a railroad grade contractor. Living at 1516 Carroll were Horace Kelly, Freemans' brother, and his parents, Lorenzo and Eliza Ann (Rutter) Kelly. Another brother, Lorenzo Warren Kelly, was living at 1518 Carroll. They were living there when Lyda May Kelly was born.

About 1887 they moved again, this time to Benkelman, Nebraska, the same area as where Sarah (McClane) Kellys' father and brothers were living. Atha Zella Kelly was born during this period. They returned to Iowa about 1894.

About 1896 they were again listed as living in Keokuk, Iowa at 1703 Timea. Freeman at the time was a teamster, which meant he drove a wagon for hauling loads. He was about 50 years old. In 1898 they were listed as living at 1710 Carroll with his mother, Eliza (Rutter) Kelly, and in 1900 he was living at 807 N. 14th. In 1903 they were living at 2301 Exchange. In 1905 Freeman Kelly again was listed as a contractor and living at 317 Concert.

They moved to Fort Madison, Iowa, about 1906 where Freeman was a cement contractor. They lived at 2410 Burr. Fort Madison is located in the same county, Lee, as Keokuk but both maintain separate records. Fort Madison is about 20 miles north of Keokuk but still on the Mississippi River. Fort Madison was a large train center for the Santa Fe Railroad.

The Freeman Kelly's were Baptists.

After their daughter, Lyda May Kelly, married George Morlan they moved in with them at 2332 Webster. They were also living with them when they moved to the county to farm.

Sarah Pratt (McClane) Kelly passed away in Fort Madison on September 23, 1912, at the age of 56. She was buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Fort Madison. The following information can be found on her death record at Fort Madison:

Age    -    56 years 7 months 1 day
Birthplace    -    Mississippi (again this shows up)
Father    -    William McClane
Father's Birthplace    -    Pennsylvania
Mother    -    Sarah P. Hubbard
Occupation    -    Housewife
Date of burial    -    October 26, 1912 (if correct, then burial was over a month after she died)

During the winter of 1913, Freeman Kelly left Iowa and traveled overland to Montana to homestead with his son-in-law and daughter, George and Lyda (Kelly) Morlan. He also lived with his daughters' family in Mountain View, Missouri (1917 to 1919), Drumright, Oklahoma (1920 to 1924), and Kansas City, Missouri (1924).

Freeman Kelly died February 15, 1924, in Kansas City, Missouri, at the age of 78. He was buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Fort Madison next to his wife's, Sarah (McClane) Kelly's, grave.