Great-Great Grandparents    (Mother's Mother's Father's Parents)

Great-Great Grandfather,
Lorenzo Kelly

Born: About 1816 in Ohio

Died: July 6, 1885, in Keokuk, Iowa,
   about 69 years old

Great-Great Grandmother
Eliza Ann Rutter

Born:August 19, 1819, in Baltimore County,
   Maryland, daughter of Charles and
   Sarah (Campbell) Rutter
Died: October 3, 1902, in Keokuk, Iowa,
    at the age of 83

Married: July 13, 1844, in Morgan County, Ohio
(although Lorenzo's obituary indicated Waterford, Washington County, Ohio)

Sometime after Lorenzo and Eliza (Rutter) Kelly were married in 1844 in Morgan County, Ohio, they moved to Akron, Ohio, as that is where their second child, Freeman Kelly, was born about 1846. Akron is about 120 miles due north of Morgan County and about 40 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio.

The Lorenzo Kellys were living in the Waterford Township of Washington County, Ohio, when the 1850 census was taken. Washington County is just east of Morgan County on the Ohio / Pennsylvania border at Marietta, Ohio. His land was valued at $500.

The Lorenzo Kelly family moved from Ohio to other parts of Ohio and Iowa; according to his obituary they moved to Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa, about 1872. Keokuk is in the extreme southeastern part of Iowa, at the junction of the Mississippi River and the Des Moines River. On one side of the Mississippi River was Illinois while on the other side of the Des Moines River was Missouri.

Even though the population of Lee County about this time was about 37,000, it was still a young and growing area. Keokuk was not established until 1847 and this was just 25 years later. It was just a year earlier, April 19, 1871, that the first train crossed the Mississippi at Keokuk. The population of the area did not change much in the next 50 years.

The city directory for Keokuk in 1873/1874 started listing Lorenzo Kelly as living at 15th and Ridge and working as a teamster. The 1876 directory indicated he was a farmer and living at the corner of 15th and Palean. The 1877/1878 directory had the same listing but the 1879 directory listed a L. Kelly as a teamster living at the southwest corner of 16th and Carroll. It could not be completely determined if the L. Kelly in the records was the father or their son, Lorenzo W. Kelly, although it would most likely be the father as Lorenzo Warren Kelly would have only been about 20 years old in 1877.

There were no additional records of the Kelly family in the city directory until 1884. The 1880 census for Iowa listed the following as being in Henry County, Jackson Township:

Lorenzo Kelly  Age 64(my great-great grandfather)
Eliza Kelly  Age 60(my great-great grandmother)
Eliza Miller  Age 26(their daughter - other records indicate she would be about 30 years old at that time)
Birdie Miller  Age 3-1/2(their granddaughter)
Horace Kelly  Age 18(their son)
Henry County is located just north of Lee County in the extreme southeast corner of the state.

The 1884/1885 directory had the Lorenzo Kelly's back in Keokuk living at 1516 Carroll.

Lorenzo and Eliza (Rutter) Kelly were the parents of seven children.

Lorenzo Kelly passed away July 6, 1885, at Keokuk about 69 years old. This was just one year before Lyda May Kelly, his granddaughter (my grandmother), was born. He had died of cancer of the liver.

The funeral service was conducted at their home between 15th and 16th on Carroll and he was buried at the Oakland Cemetery in Keokuk. His obituary also stated that he left five children which would indicate that their daughter, Charlott, died earlier.

His wife, Eliza Ann (Rutter) Kelly passed away on October 3, 1902. She was 83 years old at the time.