Relocation to America - TIME LINE
(Listing only the oldest member with that surname)

1628 RICHARD WATTS   -   from England   -   12th generation (K1102)

RICHARD WATTS was born in 1595 in Dorchester, Dorset, England, the son of Richard and Agnes (Mackworth) Watts.

Richard married Elizabeth Duck in 1616 in Dorset, England. Elizabeth was born in 1592 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England, the daughter of John and Ellinor Duck. Richard and Elizabeth were the parents of four children, two sons and two daughters, all born in Dorset, England.

The Watts family came to America in 1628 and settled in Hartford, Connecticut. At the time Richard and Elizabeth were about 44- and 36-years-old with children ranging in age from 10- to 3-years-old.

Richard died in December of 1655 in Hartford, Connecticut, about 71 years old. His wife, Elizabeth, died about 10 years later on February 28, 1665/66, in Hartford, Connecticut, about 74 years old.

JOHN BISHOP   -   from England   -   13th generation (K1202)

JOHN BISHOP was born in 1580 in England, the son of Richard and Dolabelle Bishop.

He married Ann Steven. She was born in 1582 in England.

John and Ann were the parents of seven children, two sons and five daughters. All but one of their daughters, Bethia, were born in England.

The Bishops came to America sometime between 1628 and 1631. They lived in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut.

John died February 7, 1660/61, in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, about 81 years old. His wife, Ann, died there in April of 1676 about 94 years old.

about 1630 GEORGE HUBBARD   -   from England   -   12th generation (K1101)

GEORGE HUBBARD was born in 1600 in Glastonbury, Somerset, England, the son of Edmund and Margaret (Dewey) Hobart.

George married Mary Bishop about 1620 in England. Mary was also born about 1600 in England, the daughter of John and Ann (Stevens) Bishop. Geroge and Mary were the parents of eleven children, six sons and five daughters. It appears that three were born in England.

The Hubbards and the Bishops came to America about the same time (1628 to 1631) and probably on the same boat.

They lived in Guilford, Connecticut.

Mary (Bishop) Hubbard died September 14, 1675, in Guilford, Connecticut, about 75 years old. George Hubbard died there May 23, 1683, about 83 years old.

about 1637 AGNES MACKWORTH   -   from England   -   13th generation (K1203)

AGNES MACKWORTH was born about 1580 or 1562 in Betton Grange, England, the daughter of Richard Mackworth and Dorothy Cranage.

Agnes first married Richard Watts in England. Richard was born about 1558 in Dorset, England. They were the parents of at least one son.

Richard died in 1635 about 77 years old. Agnes then married Col. William Crowne between 1635 and 1640. The family then emigrated to Massachusetts.

Both Agnes and William died in Boston, Massachusetts.

before 1642 WILLIAM BACKUS   -   from England   -   11th generation (K1007)

WILLIAM BACKUS was born in 1606 in Norwich, Norfolk, England, the son of William Backus and Sarah Gardiner.

William married Elizabeth _________ in 1627, probably in England. She was born about 1603 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. They were the parents of one daughter born in England in 1637.

The young family came to America sometime between 1637 and 1642. They settled first in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut.

Elizabeth Backus died February 9, 1643, probably in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, about 40 years old. William Backus died June 7, 1664, in Norwich, New London, Connecticut.

before 1642 JOHN BAILEY   -   from England   -   9th generation (K908)

JOHN BAILEY was born about 1636 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. His parents are not known at this time.

It was indicated that he came to America before 1642 when he was only six years old. He was reported being in Hartford, Connecticut. He may have come with relatives besides his parents. The records also listed the spelling of his name as "Bayley"

John married Lydia Backus in 1661 in Hartford, Connecticut. Lydia was born December 31, 1637, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Backus.

John and Lydia were the parents of six children.

In 1662 John Bailey was one of the original proprietors of Haddam, Connecticut.

Both John and Lydia died in 1696 (probably at Haddam, Connecticut). John was about 60 years old while Lydia was about 59 years old.

before 1730 JOHANN H. ESHBACH   -   from Germany   -   8th generation (K810)

JOHANN HEINRICH ESHBACH was born in 1709 in Germany. Presently it is not known if he married in Germany or after coming to America.

He was the father of one known son that was born in 1730 in America, probably Maryland. His parents were not listed; therefore, he probably came to America between 1725 and 1730. He would have been between 16 and 21 years old.

After coming to America his surname "Eshbach" became "Ashbaugh".