Children of Great-Great-Grandparents   
Richard and Mary (Erwin) Morlan

Richard and Mary (Erwin) Morlan were the parents of seven sons, one who died shortly after birth.
Four of their sons fought in the Civil War.


Samuel Erwin Morlan (1)

Samuel Erwin Morlan (2)

Samuel E. Morlan, Jr

Ethel Maria (Angle) Morlan
Born: November 8, 1821, in Columbiana County, Ohio
Died: May 2, 1906, in Republic County, Kansas, at the age of 84
Married: Anna Byers in 1874 in White Rock, Republic County, Kansas
     Anna was born in February of 1842 in Pennsylvania. Samuel was about 53 years old while
     Anna was about 32 years old at the time of their marriage.
          Anna (Byers) Morlan died September 11, 1905, about 63 years old. A letter sent
          from S.E. Morlan to the Erwin Morlan family informed them of her death.
Children: 3
  • Clara Morlan
            Born: May 18, 1875, in White Rock, Republic County, Kansas
            Died: February 2, 1943, at age 67
            Married: Robert Winfield Garman - born March 4, 1874, in Kansas, the son of Henry and
                 Elmira Garman - died in Wyoming March 3, 1963, one day short of age 89
            Children: 2 daughters & 3 sons
      • Elma Garman - born October 06, 1901, in Nebraska
      • Paul Morlan Garman - born January 22, 1904, in Nebraska - died March 27, 1992, in Sacramento, California, at age 88
      • Ruth G. Garman - born July 9, 1908, in Wyoming - died October 31, 1994, in San Diego, California, at age 86 - married Russell W. Bope - he was born December 11, 1908, and died May 15, 2004, in San Diego, California, at age of 95
      • Roberta Garman - born 1913 in Wyoming - died in Wyoming at an early age
      • Henry Nathan Garman - born July 24, 1917, in Sheridan, Wyoming - died March 11, 2001, in Montclair, San Bernardino County, California, at age 83 - married Berneil Elizabeth Malone - Henry was a sergeant in the US Army during World War II and is buried in the Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, California
  • Fred Byers Morlan
            Born: October 17, 1877, in White Rock, Republic County, Kansas
            Died: November 9, 1965, at age 88
            Married: Myrtle Maude Angle on June 28, 1904 in Kansas - she was born July 1, 1880, in
                 Kansas,the daughter of Newton Angle and Martha Siegfried - she died December 1974
                 in Kansas at age 94
            Children: 6 daughters & 1 son
      • Una Morlan - born May 4, 1905 - died January 1986 in Kansas City, Missouri, at age 80 - married Robert Woehr on November 17, 1950 - he was born July 17, 1896, in Washington and died November 12, 1954, in Los Angeles, California, at age 58
      • Anna Morlan - born August 08, 1906 - died December 8, 1997, in Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana, at age 91 - married Osborn Andrew Erickson on July 19, 1933 - he was born August 11, 1891, in Leona, Kansas, the son of Edward Erickson and Julia Nelson - he died October 2, 1944, in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri, at age 53 - Anna and Osborn had 3 daughters:
                    Lois Erickson
                    Naomi Erickson
                    Nancy Erickson
      • Ellen Morlan - born September 1, 1907 - died January 23, 2000, in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, at age 92 - married Ronald Warren, the son of Orville Warren and Sophia Flint - Ellen and Ronald had one daughter:
                    Elizabeth Warren
      • Frances Morlan - born January 16, 1911, in Belleville, Republic County, Kansas - died May 13, 1992, in Denver, Colorado at age 81 - married William Montraville Folger on December 2, 1946 - he was born May 13, 1916, the son of William Folger and May Upson - he died November 04, 2006, in St. Johns County, Florida at age 80 - Frances and William had 1 son and 1 daughter:
                    William Earl Folger
                    Valerie Folger
      • Naomi Morlan - born April 13, 1917 - died of a ruptured appendix (peritonitis) June 27, 1938, at age 21
      • Clarabell Morlan - born February 19, 1920 - died of whooping cough May 17, 1920, only about three months old.
      • Dale Newton Morlan - born September 23, 1921 - died July 27, 1997, in Shawnee Mission, Johnson County, Kansas at age 75 - married Lorna Merlene Morehead on April 25, 1943 - she was born about 1921, the daughter of William Morehead and Nina Fisher - Dale and Lorna had 2 daughter & 2 sons:
                    Charles Dale Morlan
                    Teresa Dalend Morlan - married _______Criqui
                    John Mitchel Morlan
                    Cheryl Lee Morlan - married ________ Spencer
  • Samuel E. Morlan Jr.
            Born: September 11, 1881, in White Rock, Republic County, Kansas
                Samuel graduated from Kansas State Collage in 1904 as an Electrical Engineer
            Died: August 1974 in Denver, Colorado, at age 92
            Married: Ethel Maria Angle on October 2, 1906 - she was born February 24, 1883, in
                 Kansas, the daughter of Newton Angle and Martha Siegfried - she died
                 June 5, 1980, in Denver, Colorado, at age 97 - both Ethel and Samuel (Jr) were buried in
                 the Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado
            Children: 2 daughters and 2 sons
      • Dorothy Morlan - born January 21, 1908 - died of spinal meningitis March 15, 1916, in Denver, Colorado, only 8 years old
      • Erwin Angle Morlan - born October 6, 1912, in Denver, Colorado - died July 23, 1993, in Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age of 80 - married Clara Marie Smith - she was born December 22, 1915, in Yokum, Texas - she died July 31, 2006, in Houston, Harris County, Texas at age 90 - in 1956, while working for Hughes Tool Company, Erwin Morlan received a patent for improved oil drilling - Erwin and Clara had 2 daughters:
                    Susan Morlan - born May 3,1941, in Houston, Harris County, Texas - died
                         in infancy
                    Dorothy Karen Morlan - born August 17, 1943, in Houston, Harris County,
                         Texas - married Jim Houghton
      • Harvey Byers Morlan - born October 12, 1917, in Denver, Colorado - married Josephine Margaret Byers on April 16, 1938 - she was born February 14, 1918, in Alma, Gratiot County, Michigan, the daughter of William Byers and Sadie Hamilton - Josephine died October 29, 2005, in Arvada, Jefferson County, Colorado - Harvey was a Captain in the US Public Health Service which allowed his wife to be buried in a National Cemetery - Josephine was buried in the Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado - Harvey and Josephine had 3 sons:
                     David Byers Morlan - born August 22, 1945, in Galveston, Texas - married
                         Cynthia Charlene Dennis on September 21, 1969, in Lakewood, Jefferson
                         County,Colorado - she was born April 9, 1950, in Denver, Colorado,
                         the daughter of Floyd Dennis and Beverly Cox
                     James Erwin Morlan - born April 11, 1939, in Denver, Colorado - married
                         Carolyn Janet Purper on April 25, 1964, in Denver, Colorado -
                         she was born October 29, 1938, in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois,
                         the daughter of George and Marion Purper
                     Douglas John Morlan - born April 5, 1953, in Santa Fe, New Mexico
                         - married Janice Brown on August 12, 1978 - she was born
                         October 19, 1954, in Denver, Colorado
      • Mary Alice Morlan - born May 23, 1922, in Elizabeth, Elbert County, Colorado - married Albert Heinrich - he was born February 02, 1911 -Mary and Albert had 1 son:
                    Stephen Heinrich, born March 1, 1962

    The 1850 census listed Samuel Erwin Morlan as a painter. About 1855 Samuel and his brother, Stephen Morlan, went to Placerville, California, where they were engaged in mining. They came back east about 1869 and in 1870 they were located in White Rock, Kansas.

    Initially they started farming on 160 acres. They had brought with them a caddy of tobacco; after a few months of selling this tobacco to their neighbors, the brothers decided to start a store in White Rock, Kansas. There they sold everything except liquor.

    Their gold mining in California must have paid off as the brothers were among the wealthiest men in Republic County, Kansas. Besides the mercantile business, they operated the post office, they loaned money, engaged in real estate, and bought and sold homes. They also owned property in town.

    When Samuel's oldest son, Fred, was ready to go to college in 1895, his father gave him a twenty dollar gold piece which paid his expenses until Thanksgiving.

    The 1900 census for Republic County, Kansas, listed his brother, Stephen, 76 years old, living with them. Also listed in the household were Samuel (78); Anna (58); Clara (25); Samuel Jr. (18) and a niece, Elsie R. Byers (13).

    Stephen R.

    Born: September 14, 1823 in Columbiana County, Ohio
    Died: December 2, 1905, Republic County, Kansas, at the age of 82
    Married: (Little is known of Stephen Morlan's family)
    Children: at least 1 son
  • William Morlan

    The 1850 census listed Stephen as a coach maker. In 1855 he went with his older brother, Samuel, to goldmine in California and in 1870 settled in White Rock, Republic County, Kansas. He was listed as a merchant; Stephen was also the postmaster.
    James H. Morlan Born: November 14, 1825, in Beaver County, Pennsylvania
    Married: Nancy Van Neiter on May 21, 1849 - she was born about 1825 in Ohio
    Died: December 21, 1892, probably in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, at the age of 67
    Children: 2 daughters
  • Grace Morlan - Born about 1854
  • Clara Morlan - Born about 1859

    The 1860 census indicated James H Morlan was a match maker. During the Civil War he was a member of Company C, 63rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.
    Born: April 19, 1828, Fallston, Pennsylvania
    Died: June 15, 1895 of tuberculosis at the age of 67 -
        he was buried at New Brighton, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
    Married(1): Elizabeth Wilson in 1852 - she was born about 1834 in Maryland
    Children: 3 daughters
  • Marion Morlan - born about 1852 - she became a teacher in Ohio
  • Alice Morlan - born about 1855 - she became an artist in New York City
  • Carrie Morlan - born about 1859 - married _______ Milligan

    Elizabeth (Wilson) Morlan died between 1859, the birth of their last daughter, and 1861, when William joined in the Civil War.

    William initially learned the trade of blacksmith and worked at the forge for many years. Having the desire to be a lawyer, he studied law with Brown B. Chamberlin and John Cuthbertson, Esqs. He was admitted to the Beaver County Bar on September 14, 1857.

    When the Civil War began William enlisted in Company F, 101st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry on November 9, 1861, serving through all campaigns in which the regiment took part. He reached the rank of Sergeant. He was captured at Plymouth, North Carolina, April 20, 1864, and confined in Anderson Prison for about 8 months (until December 11, 1864). After being mustered out of service on March 8, 1865, William returned to New Brighton, Pennsylvania, and resumed the practice of law. He was elected Justice of Peace.

    After his war service William married (2) Emma Young. On June 5, 1895, he was admitted to the National Military Home in Dayton, Ohio, where he died ten days later.

    Charles L.
    Born: September 18, 1830, in Beaver County, Pennsylvania
    Died: February 20, 1895, at the age of 64 - he was buried in the
        Morlan plot in the Waters Cemetery near Lamar, Missouri

    During the Civil War Charles enlisted in April 1961 in the 4th regiment, Missouri Infantry. He participated in the capture of Camp Jackson in St. Louis on May 10, 1861; moved to Bird's Point, Missouri, on May 21; then to Cairo, Illinois, where they had guard duty along the Pacific Railroad; then back to St. Louis and Fulton, Missouri, where he was mustered out July 30, 1861, serving only three months.

    Erwin Chamberlin
    Born: August 7, 1835 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania - twin brother to Holmes who died 16 days later
    Married: Adaline Curry October 21, 1839, in Dublin, Barton County, Missouri -
        she was born September 5, 1853, in Mahaska County, Iowa, the daughter of
        Robert W. and Amanda (Kelley) Curry
    Died: December 29, 1910, in Marceline, Missouri, at the age of 75 - his wife, Adaline (Curry) Morlan,
         died September 19, 1937, also in Marceline, Missouri, at the age of 84 - both are buried in the
         Morlan plot in Waters Cemetery near Lamar, Missouri.
    Children: 6
    Erwin Chamberlin Morlan was Bill Gillett's Great-Grandfather
    (Mother's Father's Parents)
    Holmes N.
    Born: August 7, 1835, in Beaver County, Pennsylvania - twin brother to Erwin
    Died: August 23, 1835, in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, only 16-days old