Relocation to America - TIME LINE
(Listing only the oldest member with that surname)

1670 BENJAMIN MORLAN   -   from England   -   8th generation (M801)   -  See: MORLAN HISTORY SUMMARY

BEMJAMIN MORLAN was born in 1630 in Kent, England. He was the father of six sons, probably all born in England. They emigrated to America in 1670 and settled in New Jersey.

1680 THOMAS FRENCH   -   from England   -   8th generation (M802)

THOMAS FRENCH was born in October of 1639 in Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, England, the son of Thomas and Sarah (Wood) French.

Thomas married Jane Akins on June 12, 1660, in England. Jane was born in 1643 in Whilton, Northampton, England, the daughter of Jonas Cattel. Thomas and Jane were the parents of twelve children, four sons and eight daughters.

The Frenches moved from Nether Heyford, a parish seven miles southwest of Northampton, England, to Burlington, New Jersey, on September 23, 1680. They settled on 600 acres of land on the Rancocas River, 4 miles from Burlington. Nine children came with them. At the time of his death (1699) Thomas had increased his land holdings to 1,200 acres of improved land and 2,000 acres of unsurveyed lands.

Religion is the obvious reason for the move to the new land as on one occasion he was sentenced to imprisonment for 42 months for refusal to pay tithes in the amount of 11 shillings.

Thomas was a Quaker minister

Jane (Atkins) French died October 5, 1692, in Burlington, New Jersey, about 49 years old. Thomas French died there seven years later, in April of 1699, at the age of 59.

before 1660 JOHN BAILEY   -   from England   -   9th generation (M908)

JOHN BAILEY was born about 1636 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

John married Lydia Backus in 1661 in Hartford, Connecticut. She was born December 31, 1637, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Backus.

John came to America before 1660. He died about 1696, about 60 years old; his wife, Lydia, died the same year, about 59 years old.

before 1708 NATHANIEL MEADE   -   from England   -   8th generation (M804)

NATHANIEL MEADE was born in March of 1684 in England, the son of William Meade and Sarah Fell.

Genealogists are not consistent on dates and relationships for the Meade family. Nathaniel married Martha Scawen. They were the parents of seven children, four sons and three daughters.

They must have come to America before 1708 as their son, William, was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1708. Nathaniel died in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1760, about 76 years old.

about 1700 HERMAN GROETHAUSEN   -   from Germany   -   9th generation (M910)

HERMAN GROETHAUSEN was born about 1670 in Heidelberg, Germany. He and his wife, unnamed, were parents of at least two sons born in Germany.

Their son, John, was married in Philadelphia in 1720, therefore the Herman Groethausen family must have come to America between 1700 and 1720.

Herman died October 27, 1743, in Springfield Manor, Germantowm, Pennsylvania, about 86 years old.

1770 - 1800 TOBIAS YOAK   -   from Germany   -   7th generation (M712)

TOBIAS YOAK was born about 1738 in Germany. He and his wife, unnamed, were the parents of four sons, all born in Germany.

Their last son, John, was born about 1770 and Tobias died about 1800 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Therefore, they must have come to America between those dates.

1728 - 1753 WILLIAM HOLMES   -   from England   -   7th generation (M714)

WILLIAM HOLMES was born in 1698 in Lancashire, England. William married Margaret Fell in 1721 in Lancashire, England. She was born January 6, 1702, at Trinkeld, Lancashire, England, the daughter of Edward Fell and Ann Perry.

William and Margaret were the parents of at least one son, born in England in 1728 and married in Loudoun County, Virginia, in 1753. Therefore, the William Holmes must have come to America between those dates.

William died November 2, 1775, in Loudoun County, Virginia, about 77 years old.

1734 - 1752 JOHN GOODWIN   -   from Ireland   -   8th generation (M812)

JOHN GOODWIN was born about 1734 in Ireland. His parents have not been identified so far. He married Tabitha. (Where? in Ireland or America?)

They were the parents of four children, all born in America. The first was born in New York in 1752.

At sometime the Goodwin family traveled to West Virginia, as that is where both John and Tabitha Goodwin died.