The Beginning

The Reser family has been a difficult family to trace caused mainly by the spelling or misspelling of the name. Since 1800 the name has normally been listed as "Reser" but between 1730 and 1800 it was also known and recorded as "Rieser", "Reeser", "Racer". Before 1750 the family name was also "DeCoursey", "Corsa" and "Corsi" with variations. Part of the changes in spelling were caused by coming from a foreign country and part by conditions of the country. Note: Most of my early information is based on Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) records and genealogy records from the internet. But let's start at the beginning in Belgium.

The Thirteenth Generation   -   The Peter De Course Family

Peter De Course was born about 1575 in Lille, Belgium. He and his wife (name unknown) were the parents of at least one son: Jan Corssen. Peter died about 1648 when he was about 73 years old.

The Twelfth Generation   -   The Jan Corssen Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Jan Corssen was born about 1600 in Belgium, the son of Peter De Course. He married Tryntje Van Campen in 1619 at Amsterdam, Holland. They were the parents of at least one son: Hendrick Corssen

The Eleventh Generation   -   The Hendrick Corssen Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Hendrick Corssen was born about 1622 at Hassalt, Limburg, Belgium, the son of Jan Corssen. He and his wife (name unknown) were the parents of at least one son: Jan Corszen.

This family must have begun the Reser travels as their son, Jan, was reported being born in Brazil or New Amsterdam, New York or in one case, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa on August 8, 1649.

The Tenth Generation   -   The Jan Corszen Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

There are considerable differences on where Jan Corszen was born. Some sources indicated he was born August 8, 1649 in New Amsterdam, New York, and was christened there August 28, 1650, while a number of others indicated he was born August 8, 1649 in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. One source even indicated he was born in Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

He married Metje Theunis Cray October 25, 1673 at New Amsterdam, New York. Metje was christened June 12, 1650 in New Amsterdam, New York, the daughter of Theunis Cray and Tryntje Van Campen. They were the parents of eight children; four sons and four daughters. All were born in New York City, New York and probably all christened in New Amsterdam, New York:

  • Margriete Corszen - Christened July 15, 1676
  • Kors Corszen - Born May 10, 1676
  • Theunis Corszen (Corsi) - Christened April 14, 1680 to about 1704 - (Bill Gillett's ancestor)
  • Geertr Jannaken uyd Corszen - Christened August 12, 1682
  • ? Corszen - Christened May 22, 1687
  • Jacob Corszen - Christened April 6, 1690; died 1756
  • Benjamin Corszen - Born September 2, 1692
  • Elizabeth Corszen - Born July 14, 1695
It appears they spent all their life in the New Amsterdam area of New York City. Jan Corzen died there in 1703 about 54 years old.

The Ninth Generation   -   The Theunis Corsi Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Theunis Corsi was christened April 14, 1680, at New Amsterdam, New York. He married Josyntje Van Oblinis May 29, 1702. A published account gave the information as Theunis Korsse, son of Jan and Metje (Cray) Corszen married May 29, 1702 Josyntje Oblinis. She was baptized February 19, 1685 in New Amsterdam, New York, the daughter of Joost Van Oblinis and Mayken Simons.

They were the parents of one son

  • Teunis Corsa -- born about 1703, the year his grandfather, Jan Corszen, died and the year before his father died.
Theunis Corsi died at sea about 1704 only about 24 years old and one year after his son was born. His wife, Josyntje, then married Isaac Vermilyea in Kingsbridge, New York, January 16, 1707. He was the son of Johannes Vermilyea. They were the parents of eight children.

The Eighth Generation   -   The Teunis Corsa Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Teunis Corsa was born about 1703 in New Amsterdam, New York, the son Theunis Corsi and Josyntje Van Oblinis. He first married Elizabeth Namburgh on November 10, 1726 in New York City, New York. She was born about 1710, the daughter of Abraham Van Amburgh and Antje Kenniff. Teunis and Elizabeth were the parents of at least one son:
  • Philip Reser - born about 1746, probably at Phillipsburg, Westchester County, New York (Bill Gillett's ancestor).
Sometime after 1726 the family was living in Tarrytown "Sleepy Hollow", New York, as some of their children were baptized there in the Dutch Reformed Church. But before 1750 the family had moved to Pennsylvania, settling in Smithfield, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The town of Smithfield was established in 1748 near the present site of Stroudsburg, just across the Delaware River from Walpack, New Jersey. Most of the inhabitants had come from the vicinity of Kingston, Marbletown and the Minisink area, all of which had strong Dutch ties.

Now the name change - Because of the hostilities of the Indians and the French leading up to the colonial wars of 1753-1763, it was not advisable in the Colonies to have French sounding names. Therefore Teunis Corsa, also known as Dennis DeCoursey, often used the anglicized version of the name "Reeser". The French "Coursier" pronounced "Coursay" is translated to "Racer" in English. All three names show up in the records.

His wife, Elizabeth (Namburgh) Corsa, died about 1750 only about 40 years old. Teunis then married Rachel (Van Garden) Schoonmaker February 2, 1752 at Smithfield, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. She was the widow of Jochem Schoonmaker who died in 1751. Rachel was baptized May 19, 1717 in Kingston, New York, the daughter of Peter Van Garden and Margaret Decker. The Schoonmaker children took the "DeCoursey" name of their stepfather.

Teunis and his second wife, Rachel, were parents of five children -- notice the surnames they took or were given:

  • Benjamin DeCoursey Racer (1752) (a twin)
  • Hanna Corsa (1752) (a twin)
  • William DeCoursey (1756)
  • Anna Corsa Reeser
  • Abraham Corsa (1762).
It was believed that Rachel (Van Garden) Corsa died giving birth to Abraham.

Inhabitants of Danbury, Lower Smithfield Township, Pennsylvania, in 1750 to 1755 included Dennis Reser (also known as Dennis Racer, Dennis DeCoursey and Teunis Corsa).

For several years the settlements at the fork of the Delaware River were under repeated attacks by the Indians, who were allies of the French. In November 1755, the town of Danbury, Pennsylvania, was destroyed by the Indians. A paper in the Historical Society at Philadelphia lists the names of the settlers that had their homes burnt in the raid of 1755. It includes the name of Dennis Racer. Eighty-nine inhabitants lost their lives in the fight with forty homes burnt to the ground.

It was felt that the Reser (Corsa) family escaped the Indian attack by rafting down the Susquehanna River to Maryland as their third child, William, was born at Fort Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland on May 24, 1756. Rachel had to be pregnant during the raids. She also may have stayed at the Moravian Missions that housed refugees from the Indian raids.

Teunis was also a sailor and may have been the Teunis Corsa that was commissioned as Lieutenant in Captain Peter Harris' Company of Dutchess County, New York, Volunteers in the 2nd New York Regiment in the Cuba Campaign of 1762 against Spain. A number of other men from the Minisink area served in the Campaign.

Before 1762 the family was back in the Minisink Valley at the intersection of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

The Seventh Generation   -   The Philip Reser Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Sources disagreed on dates of births and marriage for both members of this family. Some say Philip was born about 1746, probably in Phillipsburg, Westchester County, New York. Westchester County is just north of New York City. While others say he was born in Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

Philip married Margaret Koenig probably about 1777 in Hecktown, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, although one source indicated it could have been as early as 1770. Margaret was born about 1761 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Jacob Koenig and Anna Illick. Again one source indicated she was born about 1748 in Westchester County, New York, and another source indicated 1769 in Pennsylvania.

In 1785 Philip Reser was taxed on a 118-acre farm with two horses and one cow in Bethlehem Township of Northampton County. In 1788 he was taxed on a 150-acre farm with four horses and two cattle.

According to Pike County, Pennsylvania records, the Philip Reser family moved from the Mount Bethel, Northampton County area of Pennsylvania to Delaware Township of Pike County, Pennsylvania, between 1800 and 1814. In Pike county, Philip farmed. They were also members of the Dutch Reformed Church there. Mount Bethel is located in the extreme northeast part of the county, about three miles from the Delaware River and about 10 miles southeast of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

The Delaware Township is located about 25 to 30 miles north of there, around Dingman's Ferry, Pennsylvania, still on the Delaware River. This is just south of the intersection of the states of New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The dates and location of their children's births are more accurate as most are recorded either in the Reformed and Lutheran Congregations in Lower Nazareth Township (also known as the Dryland Church) or the Mount Bethel Lutheran and Reformed Congregation in Upper Mt. Bethel Township of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, although in some cases the family records differ. I went with the family records.

Philip and Margaret Reser were the parents of eight children, five sons and three daughters.

  • Peter Reser
      Born: 1777
         although church records indicated he was born February 28, 1781
      Married: Mary Amy; she died in 1849 in Chemung County, New York
      Died: 1858 in Pike County, Pennsylvania.
      Children: 10
  • Catherine Reser
      Born: November 8, 1779
      Married: Isaac Steel
      Died: (date/place unknown)
      Children: 6
  • John Reser - Bill Gillett's ancestor
      Born: October 10, 1784
         although church records indicated he was born October 8, 1782
      Married: Margaret Ennis
      Died: February 20, 1861
      Children: 8
  • Philip Joseph Reser
      Born: June 18, 1789
      Married: Polly Loder on February 21, 1812
      Died: November 11, 1853, in New York
      Children: 6
  • Jacob Reser
      Born: 1787 in Smithfield, Pennsylvania
      Married: Rachel Van Gordon in 1810
      Died: 1868 in Winnebago County, Illinois
      Children: 5
  • Susannah Reser
      Born: May 2, 1791 in Mt Bethel Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
      Married: Daniel Ennis
      Died: (date/place unknown)
      Children: 5
  • Anthony Reser
      Born: February 20, 1795 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania
      Married: Jemimah Decker
      Died: (date/place unknown)
      Children: 2
  • Elizabeth Reser
      Born: February 20, 1795,
         although church records indicated she was born June 14, 1800
      Married: Elisha Mapes
      Died: (date/place unknown)
      Children: 4
Philip died in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Wayne County is located in the northeastern part of the state, just north of Pike County. His wife, Margaret (Koenig) Reser, died June 16, 1829, at the age of 60. Margaret was buried in the Delaware Cemetery in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania.

The Sixth Generation   -   The John Reser Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

John Reser was born October 10, 1784, in Mt. Bethel, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, the son of Philip Reser and Margaret Koenig. The church records indicated his date of birth as October 8, 1782. He married Margaret Ennis July 4, 1810, at Sussex County, New Jersey. Margaret was born October 16, 1794, in New Jersey, the daughter of Joseph Ennis and Grietje Van Etten. Joseph Ennis operated the ferry across the Delaware River at Dingsman Ferry. Sussex County, New Jersey, is located across the Delaware River from Pike and Northampton Counties, Pennsylvania.

John and Margaret were married by Simon Cortwright, the Justice of the Peace for Sandyston Township of Sussex County, New Jersey. At the time John was 25 years old and Margaret was 15 years old. After marrying in 1810, the young family may have lived a few years in New Jersey but by the tax rolls of 1814 they were living in the Delaware Township of Pike County, Pennsylvania.

Their first child was christened in the Reformed Dutch Church located at Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, called the Minisink Church. The next five children were probably born in Pike County, Pennsylvania, but were baptized in the Walpack Church which is located across the river from Dingman's Ferry, Pennsylvania. There were three Dutch Reformed Churches in the area with the Walpack Church, the southern most church, and the Montague Church, the northern most.

No records could be found for their final two children in the Minisink area of New Jersey or Pike County, Pennsylvania. This probably means that they left the area for Big Flats, Chemung County, New York, sometime between 1825 and 1830 as the John Resers show up in the 1830 census for Big Flats, Chemung County, New York.

Big Flats, Chemung County is located in the western part of the county about 12 miles west of Elmira, New York, and about 15 miles north of the Pennsylvania line. This would have been about a 160-mile trip from Delaware Township of Pike County, Pennsylvania. One of the reasons they may have come to this area of New York was that a large number of Ennises had come to the area previously. John's wife was Margaret Ennis. John Reser would have been between 41 and 46 years old when they came to the area.

The John Resers were also recorded in the 1840 census of Chemung County. It is known that their son, Anthony Reser, left the area between May 1842 and March 1844 for Aurora, Illinois. There was also a land transaction involving John Reser in 1846 in which he sold his land in the area. In any case, the John Resers made their final home in Kane County, Illinois before 1850.

The 1860 Kane County census listed John and Margaret (Ennis) Reser living in the town of Plato, Illiniois, as a farmer. At the time John was 76 years old while Margaret was 66 years old. They were living next to Anthony and Phylecta (Soule) Reser, their son and his family. Living down the street were James and Elmira (Reser) Shedden, their granddaughter.

John and Margaret (Ennis) Reser were the parents of eight children:

  • Joseph Ennis Reser - Born April 23, 1811
  • Philip Reser - Born August 9, 1813
  • Anthony Reser - Born April 7, 1816 - Married Phylecta Soule - 9 children - Died May 25, 1910
  • Elizabeth Reser - Born October 31, 1818 - Married _____ Biddle - 1 daughter
  • Sarah Reser - Born July 18, 1821 - Married ______ Tuttle
  • Catherine Reser - Born August 20, 1824
  • John Reser -
  • Mary Reser - Married _______ Sumner
John Reser died in Kane County, Illinois, February 20, 1861, at the age of 76. He was buried in the Plato Center Cemetery, Kane County, Illinois. The 1867 Kane County directory listed Margaret Reser, widow of John Reser and land owner in Plato Center, Illinois. Margaret (Ennis) Reser died there September 14, 1870, at the age of 75. She was buried next to her husband in the Plato Center, Kane County, Illinois cemetery.

The Fifth Generation   -   The Anthony Reser Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Anthony Reser was born April 7, 1816 in Pike County, Pennsylvania, the son of John and Margaret (Ennis) Reser. He was christened in the Walpack Dutch Reformed Church in Sussex County, New Jersey, on May 5, 1816.

Anthony moved with his parents to the Big Flats area of Chemung County, New York, in the late 1820's. He must have met his future wife, Phylecta Soule, there as he traveled to Ohio to marry her in Brooklyn, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, on May 16, 1837. They were married at the home of her parents, Alanson and Lois (Bragg) Soule by Justice of the Peace for Cuyahoga County, H.D. Brace. She was born April 8, 1817, in Madison County, New York. At the time of their marriage Anthony was 21 years old and Phylecta was 20 years old.

They made their first home in Brooklyn, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where their first child, Elmira Jane Reser, was born February 23, 1838. Shortly thereafter the young family moved back to Big Flats, Chemung County, New York where his parents were living.

They lived in Chemung County for the birth of their next two children (May 25, 1840 and May 2, 1842). Sometime before March 25, 1844, the family moved to Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, where their fourth child was born. Shortly thereafter, the family moved west a few miles to Plato Center, Kane County, Illinois. Their remaining six children were born there.

The 1850 census for Kane County indicated that Phylecta (Soule) Reser's father, Alanson Soule, was living with them. He died the following year on May 14, 1851, at the age of 67.

The Resers stayed on their Plato Center, Kane County, Illinois farm until October 1670 when Anthony led a group of Resers and Sheddens west to Kansas. For this part of the story, go to:

At the time of their trip west, Anthony Reser was 54 years old while his wife, Phylecta, was 53 years old.

The Anthony Resers returned to Illinois from Kansas about 1888 or 1889. They lived in Dundee, Kane County, Illinois. While living in Dundee they were members of the Congregational Church there.

Phylecta (Soule) Reser died April 24, 1895 in Dundee, Illinois, at the age of 78. Of her eight living children, five were at her bedside when she died. Anthony Reser passed away May 25, 1910, at the home of his daughter, Florence (Reser) Smith. He was 94 years old at the time but still his obituary listed a living sister, Mary (Reser) Sumner.

Anthony and Phylecta (Soule) Reser were the parents of nine children:

  • Elmira Jane Reser - Bill Gillett's great-great-grandmother
      Born: February 23, 1838, in Brooklyn, Ohio
      Married: James Shedden October 17, 1856, in Kane County, Illinois.
           He was born April 7, 1836, in Scotland, the son of Robert and Margaret (Young) Shedden.
      Died: January 7, 1929, in Dundee, Illinois;
           James Shedden died there February 16, 1921. Both are buried in the Udina, Illinois Cemetery
      Children: 6
  • Armina Elizabeth Reser
      Born: May 25, 1840 at Big Flats, New York
      Married: Lloyd T. Lathrop October 1, 1857 - he was born January 7, 1830
      Died: February 21, 1930, almost 90 years old in Kane County, Illinois
          Lloyd Lathrop died in Kane County, Illinois December 14, 1922 at the age of 92.
          Both are buried in the Udina, Illinois Cemetery.
      Children: 4
      • Willis Arthur Lathrop - Born February 13, 1860, in Aurora, Kane County, Illinois - married Martha A Logan there on February 11, 1884 - she was born March 18, 1860 in Udina, Kane County, Illinois - Martha died May 27, 1935, in Greenwood, McHenry County, Illinois at age 75; Willis died June 10, 1958, in Udina, Illinois, at age 98 - Willis and Martha were the parents of 6 children, all born in Kane County, Illinois
      • Leonora Addie Lathrop - Born in 1981 - married Freeman Russell - he was born in Illinois in August, 1861 - Freeman and Leonora were the parents of 3 sons
      • Harry Dell Lathrop - Born May 28, 1873 - married Margaret (?) - she was born about 1876 in Wisconsin - Harry died May 6, 1957 at the age of 84 - he was buried in the Udina, Illinois Cemetery
      • Walter Elihu Lathrop - Born November 18, 1877 - he died December 14, 1892 at the age of 15 - interred at the Udina, Illinois Cemetery.
  • Morilla L. Reser
      Born: May 2, 1842, in Big Flats, New York
      Married: Charles E. Lewis February 24, 1869.
          He was born September 3, 1847 in Sharon, Littlefield County, Connecticut.
          They lived in Illinois, Kansas, New York and then settled in Carpentersville, Illinois.
      Died: January 30, 1939, in Sterling, Illinois, almost 96 years old
          Charles Lewis died December 18, 1931, at the age of 84
          They were buried in the West Side Cemetery of Dundee, Illinois
      Children: 3
      • Susan Lewis - Born November 13, 1870 - married Ralph Church December 5, 1893 - he was born December 5, 1869 - they were the parents of three children
      • Ellen Lewis - Born about 1875 - married August Eggler - he was born about 1866 in Mecklenburg, Germany, and came to America in 1879 at age 13 - August died in February of 1948 about 82 years old - August and Ellen were the parents of 3 children
      • Frank Harold Lewis - Born February, 1880, in Dutchess County, New York - married Zoe Wright on November 28, 1900, in Kane County, Illinois - she was born in 1880 - they were the parents of one son.
  • Charles Wesley Reser
      Born: March 25, 1844, at Aurora, Illinois
      Married: Louisa Ward on February 22, 1869 - she was born November 8, 1843, in
           DeKalb County, Illinois, the daughter of John and Amelia A Ware -
           They lived in Illinois, Kansas, New York, Illinois and finally Washington.
      Died: December 17, 1906, in Walla Walla, Washington, at age 62
        Charles' widow, Louisa, then married ______Siebermann between 1910 and 1912 - she died December 5, 1912, in Washington at age 69 - she was buried next to her first husband in the Mountain View Cemetery in Walla Walla County, Washington.
      Children: 3
      • Lida Irene Reser - Born about March, 1870, in Kane County, Illinois - married Dr. Herbert Smith on September 1, 1897, in Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, Washington - he was born about 1872 in California - he was a physician - they lived in Chico, California, and Yakima, Washington, before settling in Oakland, California - they were the parents of one adopted son, who was the only grandchild of Charles Wesley Reser
      • Lilly May Reser - Born in May, 1880, in Crawford County, Iowa, and died there shortly thereafter (before 1885) as a young child
      • Rita Phylecta Reser - Born July 2, 1887, in Walla Walla County, Washington - born with a mental illness, she could never read or write - after the death of her mother in 1912, Phylecta lived with her uncle and aunt from her mother's side, George and Delilah (Ward) Hall - Rita Phylecta died March 12, 1968, in Placer County, California, at age 80.
  • John B. Reser
      Born: March 29, 1846, at Plato Center, Illinois
          John was one of the main persons in the Reser move to Kansas.
      Married: Phoebe Elizabeth Ellithorpe August 17, 1869 in Burlington, Illinois.
          She was born March 22, 1851 in Burlington, Illinois, the daughter of Stephen & Emily (Smith) Ellithorpe.
      Died: August 26, 1912, in a Kansas City Hospital at the age of 66
          His wife, Phoebe (Ellithorpe) Reser, died August 13, 1922, in Burlington, Illinois, at the age of 71.
          She was there visiting relatives. Both are buried in the Reserville, Kansas Cemetery.
      Children: 3
      • Myrt LeRoy Reser
          Born: September 13, 1871, at Bigelow, Kansas
              he never married - he worked for the condensing milk factory for about 10 years -
              he was a photographer and took a number of the family pictures on this web site
          Died: February 6, 1904, in Reserville, Kansas, at the age of 32 of TB (tuberculosis
              - at that time it was called consumption)
      • Mettie Antoinette Reser
          Born: January 26, 1873, in Reserville, Kansas
              Mettie was a school teacher
          Married: J. Stewart Elliott on December 11, 1928, in Reserville, Kansas
              Stewart was born June 26, 1862; he was a widower with three grown children
          Died: September 11, 1960, at the age of 87
              She was laid to rest in the Reserville Cemetery (now called the Cedar Hill Cemetery)
              Stewart died February 26, 1938, and was buried in the Barrett, Kansas Cemetery
      • Ellen Amila Reser
          Born: August 27, 1877 in Burlington, Illinois
          Married: John Christian Wagner on September 25, 1900, in Chicago, Illinois
              John was born January 26, 1874, at Monroe, Wisconsin
              Both John and Ellen worked for the condensing factory in Illinois
          Died: December 4, 1972 in Sanders, Arizona at the age of 95
              John Wagner died May 9, 1944, at Elgin, Illinois at the age of 70
              Both were buried in Dundee, Illinois
          Children: 2 daughters
  • Alanson S. Reser
      Born: September 4, 1847 at Plato Center, Illinois
      Married: Emma Sophia Dedrick on June 16, 1870 - she was born March 17, 1852, in New York,
          the daughter of William and Catherine (Kast) Dedrick
      Died: December 6, 1918 in Prescott, Walla Walla County, Washington at the age of 72
          Emma (Dedrick) Reser died May 28, 1898 in Irving, Kansas at the age of 46
      Children: 7 probably all born in Marshall County, Kansas
      • Mildred Laura Reser
          Born: May 9, 1871
          Married: (1) William Franklin Robinson on July 24, 1894, in
               Westmoreland, Pottawatomie County, Kansas - he was born
               April 17, 1873, in Jamesport, Daviess County, Missouri, the son of
               Joseph Robinson and Martha Compton - Mildred and William
               divorced before 1900
          Married: (2) Amil Crapo in Washington before 1917 - he was born
               October 31, 1886, in Minnesota
          Died: March 30, 1930 in Chehalis, Lewis County, Washington at
               age 58 - she was buried next to her father in the Mountain View
               Cemetery in Walla Walla County, Washington - her first husband,
               William Robinson, died August 26, 1947, in Horace, Greeley County,
               Kansas, at age 74
          Children: 2 daughters by her first husband
      • Edward Wallace Reser
          Born: November 23, 1876
          Married: Etta Mabel Petch on January 26, 1907, in Moosejaw,
               Saskatchewan, Canada - she was born August 12, 1888, in Lindsay,
               Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Thomas and
               Merilla (Sired) Petch
          Died: June 19, 1961, at age 84 in Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas
               - he was buried in _______ Canada - Etta died June 10, 1965,
               in White Rock, BC, Canada, at age 76
          Children: 6 -- 2 born in Saskatchewan, Canada and 2 in Argentina
      • Alanson Warren Reser
          Born: September 4, 1878
          Married: Carrie May Utter on March 22, 1903, in Prescott, Walla Walla County, Washington
              - Carrie was born June 19, 1884 in Prescott, Washington, the daughter of Joseph and
              Carrie C (Pettijohn) Utter
          Died: November 8, 1957, in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, at age 79
              - Carrie died there September 1, 1965 at age 81
          Children: 7
      • Roy Eugene Reser
          Born: February 12, 1885
          Married: Nora Reavis on July 10, 1910, in Walla Walla, Walla Walla
               County, Washington - Nora was born September 8, 1892, in
               Prescott, Walla Walla County, Washington, the daughter of William
               and Mary (Wallace) Reavis
          Died: June 10, 1967 at Walla Walla, Washington at age 82 -
               Nora died July 12, 1981, in Walla Walla, Walla Walla County,
               Washington, at age 89 - both were buried in the Mountain View
               Cemetery in Walla Walla County, Washington
          Children: 3 sons and 1 daughter who died as a young child
      • Irene Lucille Reser
          Born: August 24, 1887
          Married: (1) Clarence Wesley Grant on June 7, 1904, in Walla Walla,
               Walla Walla County, Washington - he was born in May of 1880 in
               Prescott, Walla Walla County, Washington, the son of Jonathan
               Grant and H. Morrow - he died April 10, 1906, in Prescott, Walla
               Walla County, Washington - he was only 25 years old and died
               6 months before his second child was born
          Married: (2) John Ryde before 1910 in Washington - Divorced
          Married: (3) Frank L. Washburn
          Died: March 14, 1967, in Santa Clara, California, at age 79
          Children: 2 children by first husband and 1 daughter by third husband
      • Ray Lloyd Reser
          Born: November 22, 1889
          Married: (1) Bessie Tate - she was born about 1890 in South Dakota
          Married: (2) Lois Leone (Osborne) Loos sometime after 1945 - she
               was born December 8, 1897
          Died: June 26, 1968 at Walla Walla, Washington at age 78 - Lois died
               there in February of 1973 at the age of 75 - both were buried in the
               Mountain View Cemetery in Walla Walla County, Washington
          Children: 1 by first wife
      • Lenora (Nora) Didema Reser
          Born: May 2, 1892
          Married: (1) Harry Russell on December 14, 1912, in Walla Walla,
               Walla Walla County, Washington - divorced before 1930
          Married: (2) William Rowen Lucy - he was born in Kansas
               on June 25, 1881
          Died: April 25, 1972, in Portland, Multomah County, Oregon, at age 79
               - William Lucy died there in July 1971 at age 90 - both are buried in
               the Mountain View Cemetery in Walla Walla County, Washington
          Children: 2 daughters by first husband
  • Mary Diadema Reser
      Born: August 2, 1850 probably at Palto Center, Illinois
      Married: William R. Smith on November 27, 1898
          William was born January 25, 1832, the son of Rufus and Hannah (Lucas) Smith
      Died: December 26, 1933 at Geneva, Illinois at the age of 83
          She is interred in the Geneva, Illinois Cemetery
  • Ellen Amila Reser
      Born: January 2, 1853 at Plato Center, Illinois
      Married: Thomas D. McCampbell on May 8, 1872 in Marshall County, Kansas
          Thomas was born October 1846 in Jerome Township of Union County, Ohio,
          the son of William and Grace McKee (Beard) McCampbell
      Died: July 16, 1872 in Centralia, Nemaha County, Kansas at the age of 19.
          She was buried in the Reserville Cemetery in Marshall County, Kansas
          She had only been married about 68 days.
          It appears she probably died as a result of an abortion. Go to:
  • Florence Isadore Reser
      Born: May 6, 1858 at Plato Center, Illinois
      Married: Irving K. Smith on December 9, 1896 - he was born in 1860
          They lived in Tiffin, Ohio
      Died: March of 1949 at Dundee, Illinois at the age of 90
           Irving died July 6, 1938 in Tiffin, Ohio about 78 years old
           Both were buried in the Udina, Illinois Cemetery
      Children: none

The Fourth Generation   -   Elmira Jane Reser          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Elmira Jane Reser was born February 23, 1838, in Brooklyn, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. She was the daughter of Anthony and Phylecta (Soule) Reser.

Elmira moved with her parents to Big Flats, Chemung County, New York and finally to Kane County, Illinois, before 1844.

Elmira married James Elmer Shedden October 17, 1856, in Kane County, Ohio. James was born April 7, 1836, in Scotland, the son of Robert and Margaret (Young) Shedden. At the time of their marriage, James was 20 years old and Elmira was 18 years old.

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