The Beginning

The Rodee family has been very difficult to trace before 1800. They were from Canada, but where in Canada? How long? Did they come from Europe to Canada or Europe to America to Canada and then back to America. During the American Revolution, a number of Americans went to Canada for protection. It also could be a problem in name spelling. The name could have been spelled "Rodi", "Rody", "Rodie", "Rodey" or "Rhodee" or other variations or from other names that were shortened.

The Sixth Generation   -   The Daniel Rodee Family

The first known Rodee of record on our family tree is Daniel Rodee. Little is known about this Daniel Rodee. Where was he born? Who did he marry? It is known that he was living in Canada about 1800 when his son, Jacob Rodee was born. This is based on census records for Jacob Rodee. Some records indicate that Daniel was born in the state of New York.

The first record of the Rodee family comes from Clinton County, New York, about 1810. Daniel Rodee built the first grist mill in the area in 1810. It was located a short distance above the village of Plattsburgh. Also, according to land records for the county, Daniel Rodee sold 50 acres out of a 162-acre track for $800 to Peter McIntire on November 8, 1810.

Clinton County, New York, is located in the northeast corner of the state, just below the Canadian border and across Lake Champlain from Vermont. According to the History of Clinton County, in 1823 the gristmill burned but was rebuilt in 1825 on the site now occupied by the Norris Starch Company.

According to the 1820 census for Plattsburgh, Daniel Rodee, who was over 45 years old at the time, was living there with four sons between the ages of 16 and 26 and one daughter less than 10 years old. The 1840 census for the area lists a Peter Rodee between 40 and 50 years old with a wife over 50 years old and three children between 10 and 15 years old. I believe Peter is also a son of Daniel Rodee.

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By census records Jacob Rodee was born about 1800 in Canada, the son of Daniel Rodee. When Sarah (Rodee) Shedden applied for life insurance in the Royal Neighbors of American on January 9, 1906, she indicated that her grandfather, Jacob Rodee, was born about 1784.

Another saw-mill was built in the Plattsburgh area along the river. It was sold first to Barlow and Loren Sherman and subsequently passed into the hands of Jacob Rodee. In 1827 this saw-mill was swept away by the flooding river. Charles Rodee was born that same year.

During this period two land transactions took place. Both were probably by brothers of Jacob Rodee.

  • Hiram Rodee of Plattsburgh purchased 96 acres of land for $300 on February 27, 1831
    --Hiram also operated a sawmill in the area - he was born July 12, 1803, in Canada and died October 25, 1854, in Canton, New York, at the age of 51 - he married Maria Bullis on January 27, 1825 - she was born January 3, 1805, in Plattsburg, Clinton County, New York, and died April 17, 1887, at the age of 82 - they were the parents of 7 children
  • Peter Rodee purchased 40 acres of land in Plattsburgh for $200 on January 13, 1835
    --Peter was born about 1793 - according to the 1860 census for Clinton County, New York, he was a miller with a wife named Mary
The 1850 census for the area, plus land transactions, indicate that the wife of Jacob Rodee was named Eliza. On the death record for Albert Rodee, it was indicated Jacob's wife was Eliza McCarter. She was born in New York on April 21, 1802.

On March 14, 1835, Jacob and Eliza sold 50 acres of land in Plattsburgh to Daniel Rodee for $250. This could have been another brother or his father.

They were listed as the first settlers at Schuyler Falls Village. Schuyler Falls is located about 10 miles south of Plattsburgh, still in Clinton County. In 1840 they were living at Saranac, New York. This is the same area where the Spauldings were living. Charles Rodee would marry their daughter on October 20, 1853

Two of their sons served in the Civil War.

Albert Rodee served as a private in Company B in the 118th Regiment New York Infantry
The 118th had its beginning out of Plattsburgh, New York, in August 1862. A total of 1,373 soldiers were listed as serving in the regiment with 99 men being mortally wounded and 188 dying of disease. His name was listed twice -- once as Albert C. Rodee and as Albert C. Rhodee.
William Rodee died of a disease in the Civil War on July 20, 1863. I could not find the regiment that William served in but this could be a name-spelling problem. It was probably the New York's 118th or 16th. Both had their starts in Plattsburgh, New York.
There is a monument in the town of Saranac that was erected by the town's citizens in 1888 in the Saranac Independence Cemetery. It is 40 feet tall, a four-sided bronze pedestal with a larger-than-life size soldier standing at the top. The four sides identify a major Civil War battle. The different sides lists the battles they fought in and those that died.

The Gettysburg side (back side) has a list of the 40 soldiers from the area that lost their lives by disease. Among the soldiers listed is William Rodee. The town had 419 men that served in the war, proportionally more than any other town.
According to census records Jacob and Eliza were the parents of at least seven children:
  • A daughter - Born between 1825 and 1830
  • William Rodee
      Born:   about 1826 in Plattsburgh, New York
      Married:   Nancy Kimball - she was born about March 11, 1832, in Ellenburg, New York.
      Died:   July 20, 1863 of a disease in the Civil war at the age of 37
                 His wife, Nancy, died June 11, 1917 at the age of 85
                 The William Rodee family is buried in the Independence Cemetery in Saranac,
                 Clinton County, New York
        William and Nancy were the parents of six children:
      • Charles Eugene Rodee
          Born:   March 12, 1851
          Married:   Mary Loretta Rhoda on May 24, 1859, at Oconomowoe, Wisconsin
          Died:   January 22, 1917, at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, at the age of 65;
                     Mary died April 28, 1936, at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, at the age of 76
      • Ormand Terry Rodee - Born about 1853 - Died in 1880 about 27 years old
      • Eliza Rodee - Born about 1854 - Died in 1862 about 8 years old
      • James Rodee - Born in 1856 - Died in 1857 only one year old
      • William Rodee - Born about 1858
      • Stephen Rodee - Born about 1861
  • Charles Arthur Rodee
      Born:   February 22, 1827, in Plattsburgh, New York
      Married:   Betsy Jane Spaulding October 20, 1853, in New York. She was born November 14, 1832, in
                     Addison County, Vermont, the daughter of Philip and Caroline Spaulding.
      Died:   March 15, 1900 in Eureka, Kansas at the age of 73
                 Betsy died November 12, 1892 in Eureka, Kansas at the age of 60
      They were the parents of five children and were Bill Gillett's great-great grandparents.
  • Jerome B. Rodee
      Born:   August 11, 1831, in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York - he went by his initials, J.B. - he and
                 his wife moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 20, 1857 - they were recorded living there
                 in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses - the 1870 census indicated he was a mail carrier but in the
                 history of Milwaukee it indicates he joined the police department in April of 1857 where he became
                 Station Keeper for the Headquarters of the Milwaukee Police Department.
      Married:   Margaret B. Smith on November 17, 1853, in Clinton County, New York - she was born in
                 New York about 1829
      J.B. and his wife were survivors of a shipwreck disaster -- see: They were the parents of five children, all born in Wisconsin:
      • Lide E. Rodee - born October 16, 1857
      • Alice L. Rodee - born February 21, 1860 - married Irving R. Woolsey
      • Florence R. Rodee - born July 13, 1866
      • Frank J. Rodee - born November 21, 1867
      • William I. Rodee - born April 2, 1872
  • Isaac Rodee
      Born:   about 1834 in Plattsburgh, New York - he was living with his brother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
                 in 1860
      Married:   Louisa (?) in Wisconsin - they moved to Savanna, Illinois, between 1866 and 1869 where he
                     was an engineer for the railroad.
      Isaac and Louisa Rodee were the parents of at least two children:
      • Eva Rodee - Born about 1863 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
      • Edgar Rodee - Born about 1865 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Albert Clymer Rodee
      Born:   September 26, 1838, in Jay, Clinton County, New York (near Saranac Lake) - he served in
                 New York's 118th regiment during the Civil War
      Married:   Catherine A. Bullis on July 4, 1865, in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York -
                     Catherine was born March 8, 1843, in Saranac, Clinton County, New York -
                     she died October 24, 1923, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the age of 80
      Died:   March 14, 1920, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the age of 81
      Albert and Catherine (Bullis) Rodee were the parents of six children:
      • Frederick Jerome Rodee - Born May 16, 1866 - Died in 1952 about 86 years old
      • Charles A. Rodee - Born December 18, 1867 - he never married
      • Nellie M. Rodee - Born February 5, 1870 - Died in 1969 about 99 years old - she never married
      • Mabel E. Rodee - Born July 29, 1872 - she never married
      • Archibald L. Rodee - Born April 19, 1874
      • Edgar H. Rodee - Born July 29, 1878
  • Amity Rodee
      Born:   about 1841 in Clinton County, New York -- the only information on Amity is that she appeared in
                 both the 1850 and 1860 census records
The 1850 census indicated that Jacob was working as a farmer. The 1860 census indicated his land was worth $4,000 and his possessions were worth $720. There were very few Rodee's in the state of New York in the 1850 thru 1880 censuses. In fact, in the 1870 census, only Nancy (Kimball) Rodee was listed. She was living with her parents in Saranac, Clinton County, New York. She was the 38-year-old wife of William Rodee who had died 7 years earlier in the Civil War, the son of Jacob Rodee. The only one other Rodee listed was a George Rodee, 35 years old living in Homer, Cortland County, New York.

It appears Jacob and Eliza moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before 1870 to live with their son and be close to other children. Both were living with James (Jerome) Rodee in 1870; Eliza was living with J.B. Robee in 1880.

Jacob Rodee died February 15, 1879, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the age of 78. He was buried in the Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee. His wife, Eliza Rodee, died September 18, 1889, at the age of 87. She was also buried in the Forest Home Cemetery. (By the insurance application for Sarah (Rodee) Shedden, Jacob Rodee died in 1870 about 70 years old while his wife, Eliza, died in 1878 about 76 years old.)

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