Great-Grandparents    (Father's Grandparents)

George William Shedden

George William Shedden

Born: December 25, 1859, in Plato Center, Illinois,
   1st child of James & Elmira (Reser) Shedden

Died: April 18, 1907, from diabetes,
   in Frankfort, Kansas, at age 47

Sarah Louise Rodee

Sarah Louise Rodee

Born: November 8, 1861, in Algonquin, Illinois
   4th child of Charles Arthur
          & Betsy Jane (Spaulding) Rodee
Died: September 9, 1909,
   in Marysville, Kansas, at age 47

Married: June 4, 1884 in Westmoreland, Kansas

George William Shedden's occupation was a Newspaperman for the Onaga, Kansas Journal and the Eureka, Kansas Herald. In 1893 he established the Frankfort, Kansas Review.

There is some debate that his year of birth may have been 1858. When he was about 11 years old he traveled to Kansas with his parents and the Reser clan. He was raised in that state.

By the time George Shedden had reached the age of 21, he had developed the desire to get off the farm and into a more profitable business. He established a "Loan and Real Estate" business in Onaga, Kansas in 1880. He was also on the staff of the Onaga Journal. In fact, he was in charge of that paper as of October 2, 1884. Onaga, Kansas was a small railroad town in north central Kansas, west of Frankfort, Kansas.

On March 20, 1884, G.W. Shedden was made city clerk for Onaga, Kansas. In the Onaga Journal on June 5, 1884 for Thursday,

"Wednesday our typographical artist was seen to start out of town with a two horse rig and accomplished by a young lady. Madam Rumor has it that when they return it will be Mr. and Mrs. Shedden."

In the paper's June 12, 1884 issue:

"Married - on Wednesday, June 4, 1884, at Westmoreland, Kansas by Rev. H.P. Page, Mr. G.W. Shedden and Miss Sana L. Rodee, all of this city. On returning to Onaga Thursday evening they repaired to their rooms previously furnished and prepared by Mr. Shedden. Later in the evening they were serenaded by the Onaga coronet band, and in return the band boys were handsomely entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Shedden."

Mrs. George W. Shedden was Sarah Louise Rodee (called Sana), daughter of Charles Arthur and Betsy (Spaulding) Rodee of Eureka, Greenwood County, Kansas. At the time of their marriage George Shedden was 24 years old and Sarah Rodee was 22 years old.

Why she was in Onaga, or when and where the two met, is not known but it is known that her sister and brother-in-law, Newton and Amelia (Rodee) Hart, were living in the area starting between 1876 and 1879 to around 1881. Newton Hart managed a lumber yard.

Sarah Rodee may have visited her sister and stayed in the area to work, or she may have visited the area in 1880/81 and met the young George Shedden when he first came to the area. She might have then come back to the area.

After marrying they remained in the area as witnessed by the following items in the Onaga, Kansas Journal:

October 2, 1884 -

From now till November 1, G.W. Shedden will either call or see personally every one of our subscribers who are in arrears in any sum. The object is to collect the outstanding money and get the business of the office in a better financial shape.

February 1, 1885 -

Money to Loan on Real Estate Security. I am prepared to negotiate loans on first class real estate security on the most favorable terms. Ail business attended to promptly. I also have the agencies of some of the most established Insurance Companies doing businessin the United States. - G.W. Shedden, Onaga, Kansas.

March 5, 1885 -

N.H. Hart we understand will not return to Kansas and his family has gone to Illinois.

July 30, 1885 -

During the storm Monday afternoon, the residence of G.W Shedden was struck by lightening. Mr. and Mrs. Shedden were prostrated by the electric current. Mrs. Shedden sustained some slight injuries, but both have fully recovered. An out building was completely demolished.
December 3, 1985 -
Loan offices - $75,000 to loan. Offices located over the Exchange Bank. G.W. Shedden
January 7, 1886 -
Mrs. G.W. Shedden, who has been suffering from a severe case of diphtheria, is much better.
October 7, 1886 -
Tally, one for George W. Shedden. It's a girl. Born Wednesday morning, October 6, 1886. George and his wife are the happiest couple in town.

By the time their third child, Charles Shedden, was born on November 2, 1888, the family had moved to Eureka, Kansas, the home of Sarah (Rodee) Shedden's parents, Charles and Betsy (Spaulding) Rodee. In Eureka, George Shedden worked with his brother, Leonard Shedden, at the Eureka Herald paper which contained the following news items about the family:

November 30, 1888 -

Mrs. Elmira Shedden of Frankfort, Kansas and daughter, Miss Florence Shedden are in the city visiting with the family of their son and brother George W. Shedden, foreman of the Herald office. (They probably had came to see the new baby - Charles, born just 28 days earlier.)

March 22, 1889 -

James Shedden of Frankfort, Kansas, arrived in this city Saturday afternoon last - on a visit with his son George, foreman of the Herald. He returned home Tuesday night. Mr. Shedden is an old veteran, having served through the war in the 36th Illinois.

January 3, 1890 -

A.G. Shedden of Frankfort, Kansas is in the city visiting with his brothers L.A. and G.W. of the Herald office. He will leave Monday for Elgin, Illinois, where he has accepted a position with the Gail Borden Condensing Company.

January 3, 1891 -

Born - Shedden - At the residence of the family this city, Wednesday evening, December 31, 1890 to Mr. and Mrs. George W. Shedden, a son, a New Years gift so to speak. (The date that George William Shedden, Jr. was born - proof that he was born in Eureka not Frankfort as assumed).

July 27, 1905 -

Born to Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Rodee, Monday, a 10 Lb. girl. (The birth of Olive Izara Rodee).

August 3, 1905 -

Olive Izara, the infant daughter of Charles A. and Olive A. Rodee, died at the home of Thomas Wells, in Tonavay, 30 July at 2 a.m.

Sometime after this date they moved back Frankfort, Kansas, where George worked on the staff of the Frankfort Bee.

In July of 1893 he established a rival newspaper, the Frankfort Review. The first issue of the Review was on the morning of Friday, July 21, 1893. It consisted of four pages, 15 x 22 inches, each page six columns wide. The subscription rate was $1.00 per year. The names of "Editor" and "Publisher" were shown to be, respectively, "George W. Shedden" and "S.L. Shedden". (The latter was his wife, Sarah Louise Shedden). He was editor until his death in 1907.

He was a charter member of I.O.O.F. Lodge. He and his wife, Sarah, were charter members of the "Royal Neighbor" Lodge in Frankfort.

Sarah Louise (Rodee) Shedden, like her parents and sisters, was short and plump; she had beautiful black hair and dark eyes. She applied for a life insurance policy from the Royal Neighbors of America on July 9, 1906 for $1,000. It is not known for sure but it is doubtful that the family received any of the money when she died.

George William Shedden developed the dreaded disease of diabetes and died on April 18, 1907 at the age of 47. The following appeared in that days issue of the Frankfort Daily Review:

George W. Shedden dead   -   George W. Shedden who, several years ago, published the Onaga Journal, and for several years has been publishing the Frankfort Review, died at his home in this city this morning, April 18, 1907 at 1 o'clock. He had been sick eight weeks with nervous prostration.

The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Newton of the Methodist Church. The I.0.0.F. lodge, of which Mr. Shedden was a member, will have charge of the burial exercises.

Besides the Odd Fellow Lodge, Mr. Shedden was a member of the Woodmen, Workman, MacCabees, Knights and Ladies of Security, and a social member of the Royal Neighbors. Besides his aged parents, two brothers and a sister, the deceased leaves a wife, two sons, and three daughters to mourn his death.

Mr. Shedden lived in this part of the state since he was a small boy, coming to this state from the East in an emigrant wagon in 1870 when he was but 12 years of age. He established the Frankfort Review in 1893, and has always been a hard worker, and gave his entire time to business. He was a devoted husband and a kind parent, and in business was obliging and neighborly. By his death the newspaper fraternity loses one of its best workers, and Frankfort one of its most loyal and enterprising citizens.

Mr. Shedden needs no eulogy at the hands of anyone to recount his value or worth to this town and country. He was a man who made no display of his kind acts and good deeds among men. He was always willing to help in the ranks, and whenever sickness or death came to the home of a neighbor or friend, he was always responsive to assist in any way he could. He was of a forgiving spirit, and tried to live the teachings of the `Odd Fellowship', and there were many good traits of character and examples in his life which overbalance whatever mistakes there might have been, and in remembering him now we shall always think of good.

To the bereaved family the sincere sympathy of the community is extended. In years after, when they shall remember their father, it will be with that love that endureth forever, for as he was faithful and kind to them in his lifetime, he did not forget to prepare for their future welfare when he could not be with them in their struggle of life.

The health of his wife, Sarah (Rodeo) Shedden, then started to deteriorate as she started to worry and grieve herself to death.

She was left with two sons, Charles (18) and George, Jr. (16) to operate the paper and she was afraid they might leave the area like her eldest daughter, Sana (Shedden) Gillett, did when she married in 1908. The same year, Faye married when she was only 15 years old, leaving Anne (10) as the only child to raise.

The following year, only two years after her husband had died, Sarah (Rodeo) Shedden had grieved herself to the point where she finally had to be admitted to a hospital in Marysville, Kansas, where she died three days later on September 9, 1909 at the age of 48. She was buried next to her husband in the Willow Hill Cemetery in Frankfort, Kansas.

Both the boys and Anne lived with their sister, Faye (Shedden) Thomas, for a short time. Finally the children had to sell the newspaper business. Faye (Shedden) Thomas continued to raise Anne with a great deal of material help coming from both brothers.

Faye (Shedden) Thomas's oldest son, George William Thomas, was the only grandchild seen by Sarah (Rodeo) Shedden before her death, and he died just three months after her.