The Beginning

The surname "Spaulding" is an English name being derived from a geographic location. It means "one who comes from the parish of Spalding". The parish is in the county of Lincolnshire, England. The two major spellings or variations in America have been "Spaulding" or "Spalding". In England there have numerous variations such as "Sparlden", "Spalden", "Spolden", "Spaldinge", "Spaldyng" and "Spaldene". The oldest recorded person was from 1273. Most of the Spauldings in America can trace their ancestors to one of three beginnings -- Massachusetts, Maryland or Georgia. Ours is Massachusetts.

The Eleventh Generation   -   The Wilfred Spaulding Family

The first record of our Spaulding is Wilfred Spaulding who was born in London, England about 1570. His wife Anne was also born about 1570. They were the parents of at least one son: Edward Spaulding - Born September 13, 1596.

The Tenth Generation   -   The Edward Spaulding Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Edward Spaulding was born September 13, 1596, in England. He married Margaret Elliot in 1623 at Redenhall, Norfolk, England. She was born about 1600 in England.

They were the parents of at least three children, the last two were known to be born in America:

  • John Spaulding
      Born: in 1631
      Married: Hannah Hale
      Died: October 3, 1721
      Children: 7
  • Edward Spaulding - Bill's Gillett's ancestor
      Born: in 1635
      Married: (1) Priscilla Underwood - 5 children
                    (2) Margaret Barrett - 4 children
                    (3) Mary Brackett - 6 children
                    (4) Dorothy Barker - 2 children
      Died: January 10, 1708, at Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the age of 73
  • Grace Spaulding
      Born: about 1637
      Died: May 1641

Edward Spaulding came to America with his family between 1632 and 1634. They settled first at Braintree, Massachusetts, then in Wenham, Massachusetts, and finally in Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, where they were among the earliest settlers.

He was admitted a freeman May 13, 1640, a juror in 1648, selectman in 1654, 1656, 1660 and 1661, and surveyor of highways in 1663.

His wife, Margaret (Elliot) Spaulding, died before August 1640, in Braintree, Norfolk County, Masachusetts. That is when Edward married Rachel _____. Rachel was born about 1622. At the time Edward was 43 years old while Rachel was about 18 years old. They were the parents of five children:

  • Josiah Spaulding
  • Benjamin Spaulding - Born April 7, 1643
  • Joseph Spaulding - Born October 25, 1646 - Died 1740
  • Dinah Spaulding - Born March 14, 1649 - Died 1706
  • Andrew Spaulding - Born November 19, 1652 - Died 1713
Edward Spaulding died February 26, 1670 at Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts at the age of 73. His Will was dated February 13, 1666, and proven April 5, 1670. His second wife, Rachel Spaulding, died there just five weeks later on April 5, 1670, about 48 years old.

The Ninth Generation   -   The Edward Spaulding Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Edward Spaulding was born in 1635 at Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, the son of Edward and Margaret (Elliot) Spaulding. Edward married four times. He first married Priscilla Underwood July 6, 1663. Priscilla was born December 16, 1645, the daughter of William and Sarah (Pellett) Underwood. They were the parents of five children:
  • Dorothy Spaulding - Born 1664
  • Deborah Spaulding - Born 1667 - Died 1727
  • Margaret Spaulding - Born 1669
  • Sarah Spaulding - Born 1670 - Died 1671
  • Edward Spaulding - Born 1674 - Died 1762
Priscilla (Underwood) Spaulding died before 1681 and Edward married his second wife, Margaret Barrett, on November 22, 1681. She was born March 31, 1660 at Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, the daughter of Thomas and Frances (Woolderson) Barrett. At the time Edward was 46 years old while Margaret was only 20 years old. They were the parents of four children:
  • Margaret Spaulding
  • Ebenezer Spaulding
  • Esther Spaulding
  • Sarah Spaulding
Margaret (Barrett) Spaulding died before 1683 and Edward married his third wife, Mary Brackett on November 27, 1683. She was born February 12, 1665, at Billerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, the daughter of John and Hannah (French) Brackett. At the time Edward was 48 years old while Mary was only 18 years old. They were the parents of six children:
  • Edward Spaulding - Born February 3, 1684
  • Josiah Spaulding - Born January 13, 1686 - Died September 21, 1727
  • Isaac Spaulding - Born September 27, 1693 - Married Elizabeth Haynes - 11 children -
    Died September 29, 1754 - Bill Gillett's ancestor
  • Mary Spaulding - Born July 23, 1695 - Died August 18, 1695
  • Jacob Spaulding - Born May 14, 1696 - Died September 24, 1728
  • Philip Spaulding - Born March 6, 1700 - Died May 2, 1752
Mary (Brackett) Spaulding died December 8, 1704, at Plainfield, Windham County, Connecticut, at the age of 39. Edward then married his fourth wife, Dorothy Barker, on October 23, 1705. Dorothy was born about 1664 in Concord, Massachusetts. At the time of their marriage Edward was 70 years old while Dorothy was only 41 years old. They were the parents of twin daughters:
  • Dorothy Spaulding and Rachel Spaulding - Born January 17, 1707
If the dates and information are correct, Edward Spaulding was the father of seventeen children: seven sons and ten daughters, with the last two daughters born when he was 72 years old.

Edward was listed as Lieutenant. He died January 10, 1708, at Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, about 73 years old.

The Eighth Generation   -   The Isaac Spaulding Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Isaac Spaulding was born September 27, 1693, at Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, the son of Edward and Mary (Brackett) Spaulding. He married Elizabeth Haynes on February 2, 1712/13 in Plainfield, Connecticut. She was born March 22, 1696/97 in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, the daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Moulton) Haynes. At the time of their marriage Isaac was 19 years old while Elizabeth was only 16 years old.

Plainfield, Connecticut is located in the east central part of the state, about 10 miles from the Rhode Island border.

Isaac and Elizabeth (Haynes) were the parents of eleven children; 6 sons and 5 daughters:

  • Mehetable Spaulding - Born February 7, 1713/14
  • Elizabeth Spaulding - Born January 13, 1715/16
  • Amy Spaulding - Born December 13, 1717 - Died 1789
  • Phineas Spaulding - Born January 23, 1720/21 - Married Sarah Summers - 6 children -
    Died February 28, 1784 - Bill Gillett's ancestor
  • Edward Spaulding - Born August 18, 1722 - Married Ruth Kingbury - Died August 28, 1750
  • Sarah Spaulding - Born February 15, 1722/23
  • Isaac Spaulding - Born April 22, 1726 - Married Mercy Brown
  • Rachel Spaulding - Born July 15, 1728
  • Jeremiah Spaulding - Born August 20, 1730
  • Jacob Spaulding - Born December 6, 1733
  • Timothy Spaulding - Born December 19, 1738
Sometime between 1738 and 1744 Isaac Spaulding and family moved to Cornwall, Connecticut. Cornwall is located in the mountains of Litchfield County in the northwest part of the state.

Isaac Spaulding died September 29, 1754, in Cornwall, Litchfield County, Connecticut, at the age of 61. He was probably buried in the Allen Cemetery which is located about one mile north of town. This cemetery was not fenced in until 1921 and was in poor condition with markers missing; therefore, in the History of the County they were only assuming he was buried there.

His wife, Elizabeth (Haynes) Spaulding, died two years later in 1756 in Plainfield, Windham County, Connecticut, about 59 years old.

The Seventh Generation   -   The Phineas Spaulding Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Phineas Spaulding was born January 23, 1720/21, in Plainfield, Windham County, Connecticut, the son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Summer) Spaulding. He married Sarah Summers in 1743. Sarah was born about 1719; her parents have not been determined. At the time of their marriage Phineas was 22 years old and Sarah was about 24 years old.

According to the History of Addison County, Vermont, Phineas Spaulding came to Addison County from Cornwall, Connecticut, with a large family of children by way of Fort Edward and Lake George in 1767. Fort Edward and Lake George are located in the east central part of New York, about 30 miles from Vermont. He settled in what now is known as Panton, Addison County, Vermont. Panton is located on the shores of Lake Champlain in the west central part of the state. Across the lake is Essex County, New York. The land was generally level and excellent for farming.

Phineas obtained his land by a grant that contained the following ground rules:

  1. For every 50 acres of land contained in their share, they had to cultivate 5 acres within 5 years or lose their land.
  2. They could not cut any white or other pine trees without being granted a special licence. The trees were used by the Royal Navy for masting.
  3. Each family would have one acre of land in town.
  4. The payment of rent of one ear of Indian corn per year for 10 years, if demanded.
  5. After the first 10 years, every settler also had to pay one shilling for every 100 acres for an 10 additional years.
The History of Addison County told one story about the settlers that also concerned Phineas Spaulding. In 1728, when Colonel Wooster came to look for the land to which he supposed he had title to, he found five families on it -- John Strong, Benjamin Kellogg, Phineas Spaulding, David Vallance and one of the Pangborns. Some of these agreed to leave their lands while the others had to be sued in the Albany Courts by Colonel Wooster.

When the men of the area returned from fighting some New York authorities over some land for their neighbors, they found Wooster and the sheriff serving writs of ejection on those living on his land. This highly incensed them, that while they had been engaged in driving the hated Yorkers from the lands of their neighbors, their own homes were invaded. They finally took Wooster and his sheriff, tied them to a tree and under threats of the "beech seal", forced them to promise to depart and not bother the settlers further. The colonel left the area the following morning.

This area was also quite active during the American Revolution. To see Phineas Spaulding's involvement in the American Revolution, see:

Although the history of the county indicated that Phineas and Sarah (Summers) Spaulding came to Vermont with a large family, I could only find records for six children:

  • Henry Spaulding
      Born: in 1744
      Married: Ruby Bishop
      Died: in 1808
      Children: 1
  • Mehetable Spaulding
      Born: June 17, 1746
      Married: John Gale
      Died: (date/place unknown)
      Children: 1
  • Phineas Spaulding
      Born: December 23, 1749
      Married: (1) Sarah Holcomb
                    (2) Eunice - 2 children
      Died: July 17, 1825
  • Philip Spaulding - Bill Gillett's ancestor
      Born: June 23, 1754
      Married: Hannah Sturgess
      Died: April 26, 1821
      Children: 11
  • Sarah Spaulding
      Born: January 29, 1757
      Died: September 19, 1759
  • George Spaulding
      Born: November 27, 1761
      Died: (date/place unknown)
Sarah (Summers) Spaulding died in 1776 at the age of 57 in Panton, Addison County, Vermont. Phineas Spaulding left the area in 1778 after being burned out. He died in 1784 in Rutland, Vermont, about 63 years old.

The Sixth Generation   -   The Philip Spaulding Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Philip Spaulding was born June 23, 1754, in Cornwall, Connecticut, the son of Phineas and Sarah (Summers) Spaulding.

During the American Revolution Philip served with Captain Wilson in Colonel Ira Allens' Vermont Regiment. For an account of his service, see:

After his war service Philip married Hannah Sturgess (Sturges or Sturgin) September 8, 1781, at Danby, Vermont. She was born October 15, 1763. The parents of Hannah are in question. At the time of their marriage, Philip was 27 years old while Hannah was 17 years old

Hannah did have a brother, Aquilla Sturges, who was born January 4, 1762. He also served in the American Revolution. He applied for a pension September 18, 1832. In 1780 he was living in Danby, Vermont, with his father (not named). In 1810 he was living in Bristol, Addison County, Vermont. In 1830 in Orleans County, New York, and in 1835 he was living in Van Buren, Wayne County, Michigan.

Hannah had written an advertisement for the town meeting on February 22, 1822, that a small yearling steer with a star on his forehead broke into her inclosure. She made three notices of the advertisement. I believe she was able to keep the steer if not claimed within this period.

The Philip Spauldings lived on the same land on Lake Street in Panton, Addison County, Vermont, that his father, Phineas Spaulding, owned in 1767.

Philip and Hannah (Sturgess) Spaulding were the parents of eleven children:

  • Betsey Spaulding
      Born: March 2, 1782
      Died: before 1841
  • Lydia Spaulding
      Born: December 17, 1786
      Died: (date/place unknown)
  • George Spaulding
      Born: September 1789
      Married: Betsey Egglason
      Died: (date/place unknown)
      Children: 5
  • Jeremiah Spaulding
      Born: July 13, 1792
      Married: Catharine ______
      Died: (date/place unknown)
  • James Spaulding
      Born: September 1793
      Died: (date/place unknown)
  • David Spaulding
      Born: January 10, 1796
      Died: before 1841
  • Huldah Spaulding
      Born: October 15, 1799
      Married: Daniel Jones
      Died: before 1841
  • Sally Spaulding
      Born: October 28, 1800
      Married: George Merrrill
      Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Harriet Spaulding
      Born: January 10, 1802
      Died: before 1841
  • Hiram Spaulding
      Born: in 1804
      Married: (1) Elizabeth Hawkins. - 2 sons
                    (2) Olive Ward - 1 son
      Died: (date/place unknown)
  • Philip Spaulding - Bill Gillett's ancestor
      Born: February 20, 1809
      Married: (1) Caroline Amelia _____ - 4 children - she died May 26, 1875
                    (2) Clarinda _______
      Died: May 28, 1875
Philip Spaulding died April 26, 1821, probably in Panton, Addison County, Vermont, at the age of 66.

On October 16, 1841, Hannah (Sturgess) Spaulding applied for a pension for his war service. She was living in Clinton County, New York, at the time.

Hannah died between this date in 1841 and August 26, 1845, when her son, George Spaulding, sold some land that the deed indicated was from the estate of Hannah Spaulding, the late wife of the deceased Philip Spaulding. At the time Hannah would have been between 78 and 82 years old.

The Fifth Generation   -   The Philip Spaulding Family          BACK to the SHEDDEN FAMILY

Philip Spaulding was born February 20, 1809, on the family farm on Lake Street in Panton, Addison County, Vermont, the son of Philip and Hannah (Sturgess) Spaulding.

About 1829 or 1830 Philip married a woman by the name of Caroline Amelia ______. By census records she was born in 1810 in Vermont. This would mean that the young couple were about 20 and 19 years old respectively.

Sometime between 1832 and 1834 the young Spaulding family moved from Vermont to Clinton County, New York. Philip Spaulding made two transactions in Addison County. He sold his share of the family property to his brother, Hiram, on June 25, 1836, for $785 and then, on May 12, 1846, he sold his share of his mother's estate for $225. The land he sold in 1846 was right on Lake Champlain and would be worth a fortune at this time.

Their first child was born about 1830 but died before 1875. This comes from the Will of Philip Spauding listing of a grandchild, Sarah C. Campbell. Sarah was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their daughter must have married a man by the name of Campbell.

Their second child, Betsy Jane Spaulding, was born in Addison County, Vermont, on November 14, 1832, while their third child was born in Clinton County, New York about 1835. Clinton County is located on the west side of Lake Champlain in the extreme northeast corner of the state. Therefore they must have relocated to the town of Saranac, Clinton County, New York, between 1832 and 1835. Saranac is in the Alder Brook Mountains about 18 miles west of Plattsburgh, New York.

The 1850 census indicated Philip was a farmer with land valued at $1,200. Living in the same area was an uncle, Jeremiah Spaulding, who was listed as being a iron maker.

Philip purchased land in Saranac, New York, in 1836, 1845 and 1848 but also started selling their property in 1848 and the remaining property in 1853. The last property was sold for $1 as he had become indebted by considerable sums of money he was unable to pay.

Sometime after 1853 and before 1860 they had relocated to Ottawa, LaSalle County, Illinois, as the 1860 census listed Philip as a farmer with personal property worth $500 but no land. Ottawa is located in the north central part of the state on the Illinois River. They probably came to LaSalle County as other Spauldings were in the area.

Philip and Caroline Amelia Spaulding were the parents of at least four children:

  • A daughter
      Born: about 1830
      Married: ______ Campbell
      Died: before 1875
      Children: 1 daughter
      • Sarah C. Campbell - Lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Betsy Jane Spaulding - Bill Gillett's great-great grandmother
      Born: November 14, 1832, in Addison County, Vermont
      Married: Charles Arthur Rodee October 20, 1853, probably in New York - He was born February 22, 1827,
          in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York, the son of Jacob and Eliza Rodee
      Died: November 12, 1892, in Greenwood County, Kansas almost 60 years old
          Charles died March 15, 1900, at the age of 73
      Children: 5
  • Jeremiah H. Spaulding
      Born: about 1835 in Clinton County, New York
      Married: Frances E. Bateman April 19, 1859, in LaSalle County, Illinois
      Children: 5
      • Charles Spaulding - Born March 1860 - married Mary Ellen Morris - parents of at least one daughter
      • Frances A. Spaulding - Born August 1862
      • Elmer E. Spaulding - Born April 1864
      • Mary Eliza Spaulding - Born July 1866
      • Edwin Spaulding - Born February 12, 1869
      Both Jeremiah and Frances must have died before 1870 as the children started living with relatives then and there were court cases for guardianship rights.
  • Aldrich Spaulding
      Born: about 1850
      Married: Effie M. Rogers in Gardner, Illinois. She was the daughter of S.M. and Lucy M. (Powers) Rogers.
          He owned the hardware store in Gardner.
      Died: (date/place unknown)
      Children: 2 daughters
      • Lucy Spaulding - married (?) Miller - lived in Dearfield, Missouri
      • Myrtle Spaulding
On September 26, 1864, the Spauldings moved further east in Illinois when they purchased about 41 acres on the edge of Gardner in Grundy County, Illinois. They paid $350 for the property.

His wife, Caroline Amelia Spaulding, must have died in the 1860's as the census for 1870 listed a Clarinda Spaulding as being his wife. Clarinda, per the census, was born in Vermont in 1819.

February 15, 1873, they sold one lot from their property for $703. This means that they made a $353 profit and still had almost 41 acres. This was the last listing of his wife, Clarinda.

Even when Philip died two years later, she was not mentioned in his will dated May 18, 1875, and since it was indicated that Philip Spaulding was living with his daughter's family, Charles and Betsy Rodee, since July 3, 1874, Clarinda must have died between February 1873 and July 1874 but probably closer to July 1874.

Philip Spaulding died eight days after the date on his Will May 28, 1875. The Will split the property in the following manner:

      • Betsy (Spaulding) Rodee (daughter) - About 10 acres of land. Since Philip had given her $453 earlier, he is now requiring her to pay off the $400 mortgage.
      • Sarah Campbell (granddaughter) - About 10 acres of land
      • Jeremiah Spaulding (son) deceased (therefore his children) - a total of 12 acres
      • Aldrich Spaulding - All the remaining land plus the house, black stallion, wagon and equipment (the horse and equipment were worth $190 by themselves)
At the time of the inventory, the land was estimated to be worth $2,460.

The Fourth Generation   -   The Betsy (Spaulding) Rodee Family    BACK to SHEDDEN FAMILY

Betsy Jane Spaulding was born November 14, 1832, in Addison County, Vermont, the daughter of Philip and Caroline Amelia Spaulding. Betsy married Charles Arthur Rodee on October 20, 1853, probably in Saranac, New York. Charles was born February 22, 1827, in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York, the son of Jacob and Eliza Rodee.

For more information on the Betsy Spaulding and Charles Rodee family, go to: